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Why Your Influencer Marketing Is Not Working (And How To Save It in 3 Steps!)

August 16, 2022

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With the continuous rise of social media platforms that advocate freedom of creative expression from creators, with topics ranging from advice, tutorials, memes, and the beauty of the mundane, we know that the era of content creation is at its peak. This is why influencer marketing has emerged from just support to becoming the main event in a brand campaign. We see the spike in influencer collaboration across the world, from local to global brands – with their status as key opinion leaders in their communities, these influencers are powerful partners when maximized to their full potential.

However, even though there are multiple available case studies on Influencer Marketing online, there are still a lot of marketers who get it wrong. And that’s okay – you learn from experience! But if you have less budget than room for mistakes, then you will benefit from these tips! Here are reasons why your Influencer Marketing is not working, and what you can do about it.

1. You micro-manage everything

You hired these nano and micro-influencers for a reason: to do the creative promotional work for your brand in a way that would best resonate with their audience – because they know them better. They are experts in their niche, and they have earned the trust of the communities they care for, so trust that they will also take care of your brand. There is a tendency for brands to dictate every talking point, visual direction, and sequence of content posting – to the point that it drives hard sell executions – which contradicts the whole point of getting an authentic platform to communicate your brand message. Give more credit to your chosen influencers, let them do it in their creative own ways, and trust that they can deliver your message efficiently without the need to recite every line in your guideline.

2. You look at the wrong metrics

Gone are the days when the total number of followers is the most powerful metric on an influencer feed. While we value the total reach capacity of an influencer, engagement, and sentiments are also big players in the influencer marketing field. The rise of nano influencers change the game when it comes to acquiring interactions and sales for brands; since they have a more targeted following, there is a higher chance of their community involvement, investment, and interest in the content that they post and promote. Another great thing about collaborating with nano influencers is their affordability compared to other high-tiered influencers: more affordable, and more effective in engagement and conversion. In your next campaign, opt for a more efficient way to maximize your influencer marketing campaign with nano influencers.

3. You fail to value relationships

Influencer marketing is heavy on relationship building. It is the backbone of instilling credibility, support, and loyalty from their communities. As a brand, more than a sales conversion machine, you should also look at your influencers as partners you trust and care for – because that’s what they will do for your brand too when they communicate it to their audience. Take time to get to know your partners, share your story with them instead of direct brand guidelines, and ask for their suggestions too. There is a reason why their community trust and resonates with them, and if you want that to translate and overflow to your brand too – start with nurturing good relationships with your influencers.

Final PopStar Tip!

These are just simple steps you can start with to improve your next Influencer Marketing campaign. Remember, trust and let your influencers take ownership of their own credibility, content, and community. You would be surprised at how this would improve your campaign performance.

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