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The Rise of Short Videos: Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Creating More Reels

May 25, 2022

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The social distancing guidelines enforced during this pandemic opened the doors for different social media platforms allowing people to communicate with important people—and well, the rest of the whole world. One of these platforms was TikTok, with its ability to cap videos into short form, it allowed millions of people to create content on the go that doesn’t necessarily require much effort. But, it wasn’t always that way. The idea of TikTok granting short videos isn’t new. Before that, we had Vine and Musical.ly, both of which were fast growing social media apps during their prime; essentially proving that even before short videos were the in. A lot of people working in the social media scene have recognized the rise of short videos and have invested and effort on it, so why should you?

Shorter Content and an even shorter attention span

In 2000, Microsoft published a research that the average human attention span was at 12 seconds. 15 years later, the same study found that the number had fallen to 8 seconds. We have a much less attention span than a goldfish with 9 and we’re essentially marketing to a goldfish—which we could use as leverage. 

With the rise of short-form videos, it’s easier to attract more people to these types of content and deliver our message. May it be a behind-the-scenes type or a humorous video with regards to your brand, people would most likely engage as part of their short-attention span turned hours of scrolling moment.

Easy to create

Short videos are the easiest to make in comparison to the long-form in-depth ones we used to create and watch. While narrowing your message down into a couple of important points may be challenging, its effectiveness in communicating the message is just the same. Shooting and post-production for a short video is relatively shorter and easier; and in this fast-paced world, this is a much-appreciated approach since most people prefer bite-sized information they can digest easily. This allows you to have more freedom in your creation.

Thrives on relatable and genuine content

In our previous blog, we’ve pointed out that audiences these days prefer user-generated content that is genuine and relatable. While the technicality behind your product or service is as important, people tend to react more positively to content that shows heart and passion.

According to Kelsi Yamada, a social media content manager, “brands should figure out what their unique point of view is, and how they can stand out in the noise…focus on catering to your niche and staying authentic first.” Despite the many TikTok challenges and trends, we see these days, keep in mind that staying authentic is equally important. 

Highest ROI

Wyzowl, one of the world’s leading creators of animated explainer videos, conducted a State of Video Marketing survey in 2020. In this survey, they found that 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. With the growth of the audiences in these social media platforms that cater to short-form videos, marketers strategically placed their mark as well. The same survey found that people share videos at twice the rate as any other form of content, hence allowing you to build more genuine engagement and a higher reach. Lastly, in the 650 people surveyed to find out the state of video marketing in 2020, it was found that 84% of respondents were convinced to buy a product or service based on the brand’s video. 

Investing in creating quality short-form videos, however cheap they may be, will provide the highest value and highest return of investment to your brand or company as it will undoubtedly live up to what it’s worth, while also keeping in mind the audience you’re targeting.


Short videos are the easiest and the most less tedious way to market your brand to any audience. It can be done through any channels: TikTok, Instagram Reels, and even Youtube have catered to this rise by presenting Youtube Shorts. And while there are numerous ways you can make short-form videos, always keep in mind that long-form videos are of equal significance. For this will also be the backbone of your business as it is better suited for when you want and you should get in-depth about product details.

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