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Connect, Communicate, and Convert Your Audience To Customers!

August 18, 2022

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Customers these days don’t only value what product or service you’re offering and how you market it but also on their overall experience. Strengthening and prioritizing customer journey through communication should be a top priority for any company that wants to have an edge. 

It’s not just about having good customer service in a sense of being able to reply in a timely manner and addressing issues — it’s more than that. While those are important in the customer journey and experience as well, it’s also a different factor to be able to build a genuine relationship with your customers and potential ones by having better communication with them. Mastering how to communicate well with your target audience and potential leads, you’re able to boost your chances of conversion. So, how do you do it?


Before you’re able to connect with your customers, you have to understand and accept that these customers are the primary stakeholders of your business. Connecting with them is the base foundation of your lead nurturing. This doesn’t mean directly sending them a message (which is possible); but it could also be with the content you’re producing and sharing with them or hosting a live on Instagram, enabling them to see and know more about your business. By showing them who your brand is and what your values are, you’re able to connect with them and at the same time, spark a conversation. 

Now, what do you do when a conversation starts?


Keep in mind that having a conversation and communicating are two different things. A conversation is more on the basic, intrinsic exchange of words while communication focuses more on thoughts and what you wish to accomplish. And in your case, we want to communicate. You have a goal in mind which is to have your potential customer trust you, build a relationship with you and at the same time make a sale — a successful conversion. 

Being able to communicate is hand in hand with being able to understand. You must first listen to your customers before you can help them in addressing any of their questions and concerns. It’s common practice for businesses these days to use a chatbot in their platforms of communication with customers. While that is efficient, it loses the humane touch of your brand — something that customers these days look for. That’s why having a one-size-fits-all approach won’t necessarily work to your advantage. Having a more personal yet still on-brand approach when communicating with your customers is in your business’ best interest.


Regardless of the conversion goal you set in your business, being able to make a successful one is all about knowing your target audience. It’s about leveraging your target audience’s psychographic research in delivering your messages. This goes along with being able to communicate with your customers in a personal sense and building a relationship with a gentle nudge towards a sale — or as we know it, lead nurturing. Businesses that are able to do great at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales. While lead nurturing is an integral tactic in having successful conversions, it takes a cautious approach to do it. When directly dealing with customers, we don’t want to do hard sell marketing. We want it personal. 

Great customer service is not just about addressing your customer’s concerns but, these days, it’s also about building a relationship with them. Providing a great customer experience in this sense can generate more marketing and sales opportunities.