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5 Signs You Need Help with TikTok Marketing

August 19, 2022

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Before you’re able to come up with a strong marketing strategy that will surely generate the response you want, a lot of time and effort should be invested in doing research and testing. This will help you understand and predict how potential customers will respond to your marketing campaign. Doing market research and testing is one of the steps you can take to prevent mistakes and score more wins. 

Mistakes are common but they can be very costly for your business. There isn’t a one-way approach nor a blueprint when it comes to anything marketing. Especially when it comes to something like TikTok, which is relatively still new, there are challenges you’ll have to figure out and overcome. Here are 5 signs you need help with your TikTok marketing strategy.

Sign 1: You’re not using original content

TikTok values authenticity more than anything. Unoriginal and boring content will do no good to you nor your audience. You have to create content that is relatable, catchy, and can keep the attention of the user. Try to generate original content that attracts potential customers. A 15-sec compelling video shouldn’t take long to produce if you’ve done your research beforehand to understand what your target audience likes to watch. 
PopStar Tip: Take your time to understand your target audience and research your competitors to try and analyze what they’re doing right. Then, craft a content strategy that is based on your research and is aligned with your business goals.

Sign 2: You’re not hitting your marketing goals

When creating your marketing strategy, setting goals to monitor your progress and overall strategy is important. This could be the number of engagements, reach, followers, etc. you want to achieve. If by the end of the first run of your marketing strategy and you saw that your TikTok account wasn’t able to hit any of those, your TikTok marketing strategy needs to be altered. Although this is totally normal and testing is done almost regularly, this could also cost your business’ potential sales or leads. Be wary when developing strategies as it has the possibility of doing the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. 
PopStar Tip: Review your insights at the end of each month to see your progress in terms of set goals. During this review, try to determine which content worked and which ones didn’t so you can adjust your strategy accordingly to something more inclined to hitting your goals.

Sign 3: You’re not targeting the right audience

Here’s the scenario: you posted different types of content and yet there’s still little to no engagement. You start wondering “how is this not working?” Here’s why — a common mistake for most businesses who are just starting out is deciding that TikTok is the best platform to market since it has over a billion users. While the latter statement is correct and that TikTok might just be the perfect platform, it’s also not really a place just for advertisement. Most, if not all, users use it for fun and entertainment.  It’s important to know your target audience through — as if we haven’t said it enough in this blog — research. 
PopStar Tip: Do competitor research and study users’ demographics. After this, identify your target audience.

Sign 4: You’re not interacting with anyone

Like with most platforms, the TikTok algorithm values the engagement you get. How most algorithms work is still a mystery but interacting with your posts’ comments and other people’s posts can effectively boost your discoverability. TikTok is the best platform to show the fun side of your business! Create content that sparks conversation and partake in those — and who knows, maybe you can take that conversation to a successful conversion
PopStar Tip: Participate in different challenges and trends in TikTok. Using features like collage or duo that allow you to collaborate with other creators is useful.

Sign 5: You’re avoiding influencer marketing

As the demand for influencers rose throughout the past years, the knowledge gap that it’s very costly grew with it. But did you know that it’s one of the most affordable and cheapest forms of marketing with the highest return on investment? It’s guaranteed high engagement at a very low cost. Partnering with professional content creators allows brands to develop short-form promotional videos that are preferred by most users. These influencers already have their own community of followers and investing in this type of strategy can be a game changer for your business. 
PopStar Tip: Visit the PopStar website or email our Account Group Head at jamie.garcia@pop-star.me for more information on how PopStar Philippines can help you start your influencer marketing strategy.