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Your PopStar Guide to 10 Sales Lead Strategies

September 19, 2023

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Hey there! So, you want to know how to bring in more sales leads for your business? Well, you’re in the right place! We’re going to chat about 10 PopStar strategies that will not only help you snag those leads but do it in a super friendly and approachable way. No fancy jargon or corporate speak here—just good old-fashioned human-friendly advice.

PopStar Tip #1. Ask Your Happy Customers for Referrals

Let’s start with the folks who already love what you do—your happy customers. These are the folks who’ve experienced the magic of your products or services, so they’re basically your secret weapon when it comes to getting new leads. The trick is to simply ask them for referrals.

Make sure your account managers keep tabs on customer satisfaction. A quick chat to say thanks and find out how to make their experience even better can go a long way. And while you’re at it, ask if they know anyone in their network who could use your awesome stuff. If they’re willing, give them a hand with what to say when they make that introduction. And don’t forget to show your appreciation with a thoughtful, non-business-related gift.

PopStar Tip #2. Tap into Your Network

Your personal network—friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances—is an untapped treasure trove of potential sales leads. These are the folks who already know you and trust you, making them your secret weapon.

Start by casually letting your network know you’re on the lookout for potential connections. Be specific about the kind of people or businesses you’re interested in meeting. If someone in your network knows someone who fits the bill, ask them nicely if they’d be up for making an introduction. Just remember to respect their time and your relationship.

PopStar Tip #3. Network Face-to-Face

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned face-to-face chat? Well, that’s where in-person and online networking events come into play. Forget the sales pitch; approach these conversations with a genuine desire to help others.

When you’re at a physical event, swap business cards and add contacts to your CRM for follow-ups. Whether it’s an in-person meetup or an online event, consider connecting on LinkedIn to stay in the loop. And remember, networking should be fun, so just be yourself and focus on making real connections.

PopStar Tip #4. Rekindle Closed Opportunities

Sometimes, a “no” from a potential client simply means “not right now.” Those businesses that didn’t convert in the past? They’re still on your radar as potential sales leads.

Circle back to these closed opportunities every few months and see if anything has changed on their end. Ask about any shifts in their priorities, challenges, goals, or needs. Even if they don’t buy immediately, staying on their radar can pay off big time down the road.

PopStar Tip #5. Harness the Power of Social Media

In today’s digital world, pretty much everyone’s online, including your potential sales leads. That’s where social media platforms like LinkedIn come to the rescue.

Connect with as many people as you can in your existing network and industry. Even if you haven’t met them in person, these connections can open doors to some amazing leads. Let your network know what types of prospects you’re after, and think about asking happy clients for recommendations or testimonials to boost your credibility.

PopStar Tip #6. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Keeping your social media profiles up-to-date is like giving your sales leads a warm welcome.

On LinkedIn, create a snazzy headline and description that speaks to your target audience. Use keywords that matter to your industry and the problems you solve. On Twitter, add a professional profile picture and throw in some relevant hashtags. Instagram? Focus on making it visually appealing while using hashtags that speak to potential leads. Keep it professional but don’t forget to have some fun with it.

PopStar Tip #7. Implement an Email Sequence

Email sequences are like the secret sauce of lead nurturing. They help build interest in your products or services, all while feeling like a friendly chat.

Consider trigger-based sequences that send emails based on what folks do, like visiting your website or joining your email list. Time-based sequences can also work wonders, sending emails at specific intervals. Each email in the sequence should offer value and build on the previous one, eventually leading to a clear call to action.

PopStar Tip #8. Write and Share Informative Content

Blogging and creating informative articles are like sharing your wisdom with the world. It’s a friendly way to show you know your stuff and attract potential leads.

Share your knowledge by writing about topics that your target audience cares about. Cover areas where you can offer solutions, whether it’s boosting efficiency, cutting costs, or boosting sales. Share your content on various platforms, including your website, social media, and industry blogs, to reach a wider audience and send them toward your landing pages.

PopStar Tip #9. Host Webinars and Online Workshops

Webinars and online workshops are like hosting a get-together where you’re the life of the party. You get to educate and engage with potential leads, and it’s a blast!

These platforms let you dive deeper into your expertise and offer valuable insights to your audience. Live sessions let you answer questions on the spot and interact in real time. Recordings keep the party going 24/7. Hosting these events helps you stand out as a leader in your field and ramps up your ability to attract leads.

PopStar Tip #10. Utilize Live Chat

Modern chat technology is like having a friendly helper on your website. It can engage visitors, answer questions, and even book appointments—pretty nifty!

Implement a chatbot on your site that matches your brand’s vibe. It can strike up conversations, qualify leads, and point visitors in the right direction. Plus, you can review these chats to learn more about your customers and fine-tune your chatbot’s responses.

Final PopStar Tip

Generating sales leads is all about building connections and providing value. By putting these ten super-friendly strategies into action, you’ll not only bring in those leads but also show them what a friendly and approachable business you are. So, why wait? Start making those connections today, and watch those leads roll in!

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