Why Your Brand Should Work with Gaming Influencers in Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

January 17, 2023

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Amongst the various number of influencer categories and niches that you could choose for your Influencer Marketing Campaign, gaming influencers rarely get the attention that they deserve. Nowadays, video games are ingrained in our culture wherever you look: from movie and series adaptations, to cosplay, to literature; video games now cater to a wide spectrum of audiences and communities. Gaming and gamers are everywhere, and your brand would be wise to start recognizing the huge potential for this market’s audience. 

Coming into 2023, everyone has experienced a variation of gaming in one way or another. It’s no longer a niche market, and in fact, there are 3.09 billion active gamers in the world (with Asia having the highest number of gamers at 1.5 billion). With the rise of esports and with gaming injecting itself into different forms of entertainment, it would be no surprise that gaming and gaming content creators will continue to grow their influence, not only in their market, but in other industries as well. After all, gamers are rabid consumers, so they have a huge potential for brands in more ways than one, provided that the partnership between the gaming influencer and the brand, and the messaging of the brand are communicated correctly and in the most authentic way possible. 


The Who: In simplified terms, gaming influencers are just about the same as any other influencer category, but instead of using curated content, most of the time, they use live streams or recordings of their game sessions as their main content.

The What: Gaming Influencers utilize some of the major social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and even TikTok to broadcast their content. And like any influencer, video games content creators have been able to build communities and loyal audiences, so they are trend makers and thought leaders as much as any other influencer category. 

The How (as in how will it benefit your brand): You, as the brand manager, don’t need to know the complexities of YouTube, or how Twitch works – the truth is that choosing the right gaming influencers can be greatly beneficial for your influencer marketing campaign because they will do all the work for you. Gaming influencers are at a unique position of having a strong influence over their loyal audience’s consumer behavior, but at the same time, they can receive valuable, real-time feedback from the same audience that they cater to, which they can then share with you. This is what makes gaming influencers a great asset to any brand that would tap them. 


A common misconception with influencer marketing campaigns is that the biggest influencers with the most follower count will yield the best results for your brand strategy. But that is not the case for all campaigns –  and this applies to any kind of brand strategy, be it in the gaming, beauty, fashion, or business industries. 

The truth of the matter is that there are layers in choosing the right influencer for your brand, and it also applies to gaming influencers. Your brand shouldn’t necessarily tap the biggest gaming influencers such as Pewdiepie, KSI, Pokimane, or other gaming influencers of the same following; factors such as audience demographic, engagement rate, matching of content with your brand’s message / products / service, all ties whether you should go with a certain influencer or not. 

It has to be a natural fit with the influencer, otherwise it would seem inauthentic and it might not be well received by their audience. If anything, authenticity pushes people into action, and conversion for your brand. This should be the main focus of choosing the right influencer, and not the follower count. If done right, choosing the right influencer who creates content aligned with your brand’s messaging, could lead to a longer working relationship with the influencer and could potentially turn them into your very own brand ambassador. 

To bring up another point, the bigger the influencer following, the lower the engagement rate and quality is. This is why PopStar focuses on nano and micro influencers, because based on data and experience, they have the most engagement that leads to conversions. So when coming up with gaming influencer campaign, this is another consideration to make, you must take into consideration all tiers of influencers, and see how their reach and engagement will help your brand

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Whether you’re taking on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, or tech influencers, the most effective campaigns become a success when both the influencer and the brand are at an understanding of the key features of the brand/product/service that will be marketed to influencer’s audience, and this applies to gaming influencers as well. 

A Quick PopStar Case Study: 

PopStar had a brand approach them for one of their campaigns. They are a hyper convenience grocery delivery service that guarantees a successful delivery within 15 minutes upon ordering. At its face value, a lot of other competitors have entered the realm of hyper convenience, but one feature that set them apart, was that this brand extended their services until the late hours of the night (10 PM – 2 AM), whereas its competitors ceased operations by 10 PM.

Gaming influencers and gamers in general, are notorious for playing until the late hours of the night where shops, and public transportation are already closed, and personal safety would be a concern if one was to go out. PopStar was quick to point this out and capitalize on this brand’s key feature to be marketed to gaming influencers and their audience. Knowing the audience and which key feature to properly market to them, led the campaign to be a huge success, raking in a significant amount of conversions for the influencer marketing campaign. 

So going back to the point – the best influencer marketing campaign is when the influencer and the brand are at an understanding of what key feature to promote that would be attractive and enticing to the influencer’s audience. 

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Final PopStar Tip

Gaming Influencers have been steadily gaining popularity and it would be in the best interest for brands to utilize this industry and its market, while there is little competition for gaming influencers. However, finding the right gaming influencers can be a challenge to some, and that’s where PopStar can help! Contact our Team at contact@pop-star.me for more information on how we can help you in finding the right gaming influencers for your next influencer marketing campaign.

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