Why TikTok is The Best Platform For Your Initial Influencer Marketing Efforts

August 23, 2022

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Tiktok is easily climbing its way to become the most popular social media platform. Its popularity skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic where people were told to stay at home. Thus, we needed to connect with other people in other ways — we are social animals after all.

The platform popularized short-form videos, formatted to take up the entirety of your phone’s screen and is able to capture your attention within the first few seconds. Since then, we have seen other social media giants try to keep up with TikTok videos’ style, releasing their own versions of the short-form video. Facebook and Instagram now have “reels” and YouTube has “shorts”. Different names, but the overall video format is almost the same.

Wide reach, active users, and countless influencers

TikTok reached 3 billion downloads as of June 2021. Hence, it is no surprise that the users of TikTok are also one of the most active and engaged. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users, the majority of whom are young (63% of users are below 30 years old). Thus, TikTok is beaming with opportunities to connect with younger audiences. For your business, it could be a game-changer. How, you ask? With influencer marketing, of course!

If you’re reading this, chances are, you already know what an influencer is. But just to be safe, we’ll still clarify. Influencers are different from celebrities, but a person can be both. At the most basic level, an influencer is someone with a good social media following — someone with an online audience. Influencers in partnership with brands leverage their following so that they can introduce the brand to their audience and sway them into buying the brand’s products. Just like how you bought that eyeliner because you saw someone prove that it was smudge-free. Pretty smooth, right?

An algorithm that works for smaller creators

While influencer marketing is relatively new, it can be a huge help to your business when done right. The good news is, TikTok is a treasure trove of influencers. And the even better news is, you don’t have to work with the million-follower influencers just yet (especially if you don’t have the budget for them), because TikTok’s nano and micro influencers can be just as effective in bringing in customers to your business. This is because TikTok’s algorithm works for smaller creators too, allowing for their videos to pop into other users’ feeds even if they are not following the creator.

No to big spending, yes to higher engagement

Furthermore, nano and micro influencers specialize in a particular topic, hobby, or interest. This is why they know what type of content their audience will like and how to interact with them. Ergo, another reason to work with nano & macro influencers is that they have cheaper rates but with relatively higher engagement rates. This basically means that your business can spend less while your influencer works to convert their audience into potential customers!

As more and more brands invest on influencer marketing, don’t let your business miss out on this incredible opportunity. TikTok marketing sells and that is why it’s a great place to start! The fact that recent reports predict that TikTok will overtake Facebook and YouTube in influencer marketing spend is proof of the platform’s success.

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