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Unleashing the Force of Influencer Marketing in Sports Brands in the Philippines

November 08, 2023

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Tired of traditional marketing tactics not quite hitting the mark with your target audience? It’s time to level up your game and embrace the incredible potential of influencer marketing in the world of sports.

First, let’s break it down. Influencer marketing is a modern approach that harnesses influential individuals to promote products or services to their social media followers. These influencers are typically experts in their field, with a substantial following, and they create engaging content that resonates with their fans.

So, how does influencer marketing fit into the Philippines’ sports industry?

In the sports realm, influencers are individuals who’ve garnered a following through their involvement in sports. They can be athletes, coaches, or passionate sports enthusiasts who’ve made their mark on social media. Sports teams and organizations can team up with these influencers to promote their brand, products, and services to their dedicated audience.

There are many benefits of using influencer marketing in the Philippine sports scene. It enables sports teams and organizations to broaden their reach, tapping into the fanbase of sports influencers and accessing new potential customers. Filipinos are known to be sports enthusiasts, with basketball and volleyball being two of the most popular sports in the country. This is especially evident from the number of international sports tournaments already held in the Philippines, collegiate sports matches, and down to the local sport leagues in different barangays. Undeniably, there is a market for this industry in the Philippines.

Another benefit that you should know about is that it enhances brand recognition and trustworthiness. When a respected sports influencer endorses a team or product, it boosts the brand’s credibility and reliability in the eyes of their followers. These partnerships can lead to boosted sales and revenue, with influencers offering exclusive discounts and links that drive direct sales for the team or organization.

How to Choose the Perfect Influencers Aligned with Your Sports Brand

The key is to target influencers who resonate with the sports teams your fans and customers belong to. Don’t just go for someone famous whose name you recognize. Sports enthusiasts in the Philippines can be particularly loyal, and partnering with the “wrong” influencers can negatively affect your brand’s image.

As with all influencer marketing, assessing potential influencers’ engagement rates is crucial. If a sports star is too busy training to engage online or interact with their fans, their value to your brand diminishes.

If your products cater to a niche sport in the Philippines, consider collaborating with an enthusiastic, engaging influencer, even if they don’t have an extensive following. They’re more likely to have followers who align with your brand’s values.

In fact, you might even contemplate working with influencers outside the sports sphere if you can establish a clear connection between them and the potential customers you’re targeting.

Planning an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign in Philippine Sports and Fitness

For a fruitful influencer marketing campaign in Philippine sports and fitness, meticulous planning is vital. It all starts with defining your campaign’s target audience. You can’t pick suitable sports influencers without a clear understanding of whom you want them to influence. Be sure to choose influencers whose followers belong to the right audience for your market. For example, let’s take a look at the collegiate sports scene in the Philippines. If you’re trying to sell basketball merchandise for the DLSU Green Archers fans, collaborating with a popular influencer supporting Ateneo’s Blue Eagles basketball team won’t be effective.

Next, establish specific campaign objectives. What do you aim to achieve with your influencer posts, and why are you going through this process? Think about how you’ll measure these objectives. For instance, if you’re partnering with an influencer to promote your fitness videos on YouTube, determine how you’ll measure whether the influencer successfully directs traffic to your channel.

You’ll also need to identify the most appropriate sports influencers who align with your audience’s team pick. Consider:

  1. Where online discussions about Philippine sports or fitness predominantly occur.
  2. What motivates potential influencers to endorse relevant content in the local context.
  3. Whether activity is concentrated on specific social channels or more dispersed in the Philippines.
  4. The key players creating content related to your niche, particularly those with a Filipino background.

Next, decide whether you’ll manually select influencers (if you already have someone in mind), utilize a platform to find influencers, or collaborate with an influencer agency to handle the entire process.

Once you’ve identified suitable influencers who resonate with your brand’s tribe, work with them to create and distribute high-quality content.

Final PopStar Tip

The influence of influencer marketing in the world of Philippine sports is nothing short of remarkable. It offers an engaging and dynamic means to connect with your target audience, promote your brand, and achieve your marketing objectives. By partnering with sports influencers who have a strong following and a genuine connection to the Filipino sports community, you can expand your reach, boost brand recognition, and enhance your credibility.

Effective influencer marketing campaigns in the Philippines’ sports and fitness industry demand careful planning, precise objectives, and well-defined measurement techniques. Understanding your target audience, setting specific goals, and choosing influencers who align with your tribe are crucial components of this process. Familiarity with where relevant online conversations take place in the Philippine context, what motivates influencers, and which social channels are most active will guide you in discovering the perfect partners for your brand. Whether you opt for manual influencer selection, platform assistance, or agency collaboration, the ultimate goal is to produce and disseminate top-notch content.

Unlock the power of influencer marketing in Philippine sports, and score big in the ever-evolving realm of sports marketing!

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