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The Golden Opportunity: Why Businesses Should Consider Influencer Marketing for Seniors in the Philippines

May 04, 2023

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Influencer marketing has grown in popularity in recent years, and it has shown to be a successful strategy for businesses seeking to reach their target demographic. However, it is widely assumed that this type of marketing is only appropriate for younger demographics. This begs the question, “Is influencer marketing effective for seniors?” In the Philippines, where the aging population is growing, it is critical to delve more into this issue.

Senior citizens are a growing consumer group in the Philippines, and they have significant purchasing power. With technological improvements and an increase in social media usage among older age groups, influencer marketing may be an underutilized potential for marketers to interact with this audience. In this article, we will look at the success of influencer marketing in reaching and engaging seniors, the sorts of influencers who may appeal to this demographic, and the possible advantages and disadvantages of this marketing technique in the Philippines.

What are the characteristics of seniors seen from the marketing point of view?

To successfully target seniors in the Philippines, it is essential to understand their unique characteristics from a marketing perspective. Although there is no strict definition of what age group constitutes seniors, it generally includes those who are 50 years old and above.

  • High Consumption Expenditure

Seniors in the Philippines tend to have a higher disposable income compared to other age groups. This is due to their savings and the increasing number of seniors who continue to work after retirement. Targeting seniors with high consumption expenditure can lead to excellent business opportunities for companies.

  • High-Class Oriented

Many seniors in the Philippines have a preference for luxury items and high-quality products. This preference is unique to the senior segment, where people often choose expensive items based on the idea of “whether cheap or bad.” Emphasizing a sense of luxury rather than simplicity and affordability can be more effective in targeting this demographic. In implementing influencer marketing on social media, businesses should be conscious of this production.

  • Increasing Use of Digital Media

While paper media such as newspapers, inserts, and magazines are still effective advertising methods, seniors in the Philippines are increasingly using digital media such as social media and the internet. This means that digital advertising tactics such as social media advertising and influencer marketing can have a major impact. Companies with little marketing resources may readily exploit business chances by adopting web advertising, which has lower advertising expenses than traditional techniques.

  • Rising Use of Online Shopping

Seniors in the Philippines are becoming more practical in their use of the internet and social media. One such example is online shopping. Seniors are increasingly shopping online for a wide range of products, from groceries to items related to their hobbies. Companies can take advantage of this trend by optimizing their online presence and making it easier for seniors to find and purchase their products online.

Social Networking Services used by seniors

In the Philippines, as the internet usage rate among seniors and the penetration rate of SNS and PCs increase, it’s essential to know what kind of SNS seniors use. Here are some of the most popular ones:


YouTube is an SNS that is easy for seniors to use. It specializes in videos and oral explanations, making it a medium with many senior users. As such, PR using influencer marketing is considered effective. Hiring a senior influencer who can make high-quality videos about your brand or product can help increase brand awareness among seniors.


After YouTube, Facebook is the most popular SNS among seniors. It is a real-name registration SNS suitable for seniors. Seniors tend to trust information from reliable sources, and family members are considered trustworthy. In implementing influencer marketing, it is also effective to conduct PR for people close to the seniors, as their recommendations can increase credibility.


Although anonymity is high on Twitter, the number of Twitter users is also increasing among seniors. It is becoming more popular among seniors as its value as a contact tool in the event of a disaster or emergency has been reassessed. Many seniors use it as a means of collecting information, even if they do not send it themselves.


Although the younger generation is still the main user group on Instagram, senior users are also increasing. Quite a few senior influencers are mainly active on Instagram, making it an effective SNS to promote products or services for seniors. Consider promoting to people close to the elderly, as they may be the ones showing Instagram content to their elderly loved ones.

Knowing which SNS seniors use can help businesses and marketers tailor their influencer marketing strategies to their target audience more effectively.

What do seniors view on social media?

Social media has become an essential part of modern society, and seniors are no exception to its usage. As businesses aim to target seniors in their marketing strategies, it is important to understand what seniors view on social media.

  • Information in Real Time

One of the most significant advantages of social media is the immediate and widespread dissemination of information. Seniors also use social media to obtain real-time information, including news, disaster updates, and local events. In the event of a disaster or emergency, seniors are increasingly relying on social media to make contact and collect information.

  • Keeping Up With Family and Friends

Although seniors may not have as many social connections as younger generations, they place a high value on keeping in touch with family and friends. Seniors may use social media platforms to contact with loved ones, check on the status of their children and grandkids who live far away, and post images and updates.

  • Hobbies and Interests

Seniors are also using social media to explore their hobbies and interests. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow seniors to interact with other seniors, join organizations, and follow influencers who post information relevant to their interests. As seniors continue to use social media to obtain information about their hobbies, influencer marketing has become an effective strategy for businesses to target this demographic.

How to do influencer marketing effectively for seniors?

Influencer marketing has evolved into a critical component of any digital marketing plan. However, when targeting seniors, specific factors must be considered to make the campaign more effective. Here are some pointers for doing good influencer marketing for seniors:

  • Keep the campaign simple and easy to participate in

Seniors may not be as tech-savvy as younger audiences, so it is crucial to make the campaign easy to understand and participate in. Use simple engagement methods, such as asking for a follow, retweet, or like.

  • Provide detailed explanations to eliminate anxiety

Seniors tend to prefer written explanations rather than visual ones. Make sure to provide detailed descriptions and explanations to help them understand your product or service. Too little text can cause distrust and anxiety among seniors.

  • Hire influencers who can write high-quality posts

Seniors tend to be high-end consumers and appreciate sophisticated content. Use influencers who can write high-quality posts and enhance your brand image. If you find it challenging to select the right influencer, consider using an influencer agency.

Final PopStar Tip:

In conclusion, influencer marketing can be an effective strategy for businesses to target seniors in the Philippines. With the growing population of seniors who have significant purchasing power, understanding their unique characteristics and social media usage can help businesses tailor their marketing strategies to better reach and engage this demographic. Influencer marketing can be particularly effective on popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where seniors are increasingly active.

By hiring senior influencers who can make high-quality videos and posts about their products or services, businesses can increase brand awareness and credibility among seniors. Overall, with the increasing use of digital media, online shopping, and social networking services among seniors, influencer marketing has significant potential for businesses seeking to tap into this growing consumer group.

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