Social Media Campaign Trends: Outlook for 2023

December 27, 2022

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28 December 2022 — Zac Faelnar
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Here we go. Another year over and a new year’s about to begin. Sounds like a good line for a year-end caption for social media influencers. Yes? Well, caption this: You’re sitting at a local Dim sum restaurant, working on your company’s brand strategy for the year 2023. And you’ve got to make some decisions. There’s about a dozen topping the charts and social media campaign trends are about to get more interesting with relatively new apps in the coming year. But that’s not to say you’re ditching the past favorites (and a tip for starters is that PopStar’s favorites are obviously the ones that have dominated not just the user market, but the digital marketing space as well over the past super-charged 12 months ). It’s not exactly going to be easy foretelling which apps are going to rise to the top this coming year, but your nose is on two giants. You reach out for a fortune cookie.

We’re familiar with the latest trends. And although we’re not promising precision forecasting or fortune-telling for that matter, you can be assured that TikTok is steadily on the rise, and Instagram is not too far behind. Have you opened that fortune cookie yet? Well, read on anyway to get familiar with a couple of social media campaign trends and the outlook for 2023. 


It’s been a little bit of a tough year for Instagram in keeping up with the competition and following the latest trends. They may have gone off-track a little by losing some identity, playing copy-cat to TikTok. But surprise, surprise! This has actually worked well for the app, much to the delight of its reported 2 billion monthly active users. Numbers don’t lie.

But will this be enough for Instagram to stay at the top? Will Instagram influencers want to ride along an app that duplicates whatever is trending and rising? If not, how is this once easy-to-use, photo-driven social app most likely going to revamp itself without the copy-paste strategy? 

Here’s the IG outlook:

Reels + AI-powered Content

Instagram Reels are its most-rapidly growing format for content creation. IG users who are fond of the Reels and Stories format may appreciate a return to the full-screen feed test. This could be good news for social media marketing. What Instagram needs very much though is to boost its algorithm-power and for its artificial intelligence (AI) recommendations to get things right.  

For Meta, the parent company of both Instagram and Facebook, 2022 is the year that it introduced its plans for the metaverse which is forecast to grow bigger still in 2023. Reels, which are common to the app siblings, are moving towards bigger engagement from its users through AI content recommendations. IG, however, experienced some mid-year hiccups after its announcement that in order to get the user experience right, it would scale back on the AI recommended posts that appear on the feeds. The result was a confusing hodge-podge of posts —a mess, in short. Seriously, who wants to receive random posts? That’s far from the ideal user experience and expectation. And it kind of takes away the fun for Instagram influencers that your company’s digital marketing team needs.

They’ve got to work on ensuring that relationship between content creators and users and highlight these creators so that they would be motivated towards higher engagement. This is an important driver towards staying at the top of the app chart. Instagram seems to be reasonable about this and is likely to provide interesting and attractive content throughout the app. 

For the sake of content creation in the metaverse, IG would be wise to consider rewarding its content creators so that their tribe may increase, so to speak, both in number and frequency of presence.  High engagement with them could also lead to a high probability of user interest in the metaverse.

Let’s Go Shopping!

You can welcome more shopping beyond this 2022 holiday season. Virtual shopping will only gain more popularity and this news couldn’t be more welcoming than for a company’s brand strategy and social media marketing. In the CNBC news article, it was noted that “Most of the global brands have already started using the metaverse for promotional concerts and virtual buys.”

As an interesting development, some experimentation is already underway for live-stream shopping. Is IG copying this too? Maybe. But it’s working well in certain markets and so could do great for Instagram’s loyal following. What could be even more swell is if IG’s full-screen feed is also designed for a 24/7 live-stream shopping experience, somewhat like those home TV shopping channels of yesterday.  Just imagine what that would do for digital marketing today! So, you can surely anticipate some good news from Instagram on live-stream shopping on their app.

State-of-the-Art Integration

Meta is aware that users of Instagram and Facebook require highly engaging and attractive experiences on its apps, and none more so than for the realm of virtual reality (VR). And so, it needs to provide the means for creative content, moving in the direction of the metaverse.

Instagram, being the more creative of the sibling apps, is the one more likely to be able to provide the link between the now and the future for metaverse content creation. You can look forward to this level-up on AR and 3D content, as well as on integration of more futuristic form content such as digital art or Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art forms. 

For content creators who have grown fond of Instagram as a platform for visual creativity, digital artists will probably be drawn towards the app’s new creative tools. You can look forward to more AR technology boosts as the app levels-up in 2023. That sort of integration would certainly attract the most highly-creative talents, social media marketing teams, and Instagram influencers, and could surely help Instagram win its place as an awesome state-of-the art app. 

AR Technology + Interactive Ads

The doors of opportunity are going to open for any up and coming social media campaign, especially with augmented reality (AR) and interactive formats in advertising.

IG is not the only platform that is tackling the experimentation stage. There are other platforms that are also going in this direction. Meta for example, is using this as a means to get ahead with content creation as it prefers to provide guidance to users. This is an excellent move for the metaverse that will be utilizing a lot more 3D models.

So in the coming year, you can expect IG to make that beneficial shift for companies that intend to use the app for their brand strategy by using more AR ads and enhanced ingestion processes and scanning tools.

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Now, let’s talk about TikTok.


Story Time

Without a doubt, TikTok has been the most trending app of 2022. And what could be better for a trending app than to start yet another new trend? TikTok has done that again with #BookTok. According to the latest news on Bloomberg, there is a storytelling boom and a cultural shift in romance, proven by a fast-rising 100 billion views with the new hashtag.

The views are not always about romance. Those who are raking it in through TikTok include New York Times Bestselling authors, and the storytelling contents of these influencers range from subjects on indigenous matters to LGBTQ. It’s no wonder that mega-bookstores such as Barnes & Noble have already begun capitalizing on this trend. 

Now, remember the PopStar article on how to come up with an effective influencer marketing strategy? Basically, we referred to the importance of the level of authenticity and high engagement of these influencers with their audience as being great for brand strategy. This is a fact that has been written and rewritten over the course of 2022. According to one writer, 2023 will be the year of Micro influencers, and TikTok will continue their uptrend. What does that mean for you and your digital marketing and social media campaign? It means this is the perfect storm for your business as you welcome 2023. 

Search Me!

Move aside, Google. In all likelihood, TikTok users are engaged with its infinite pool of content creators for more than just the videos. Of course, short-form videos made TikTok, and for purposes of your company’s social media marketing, you can review the article on how to create trending TikTok videos for your brand strategy. In gearing up for 2023, the popular app, along with other platforms, is reportedly used as a search engine by 40% of Generation Z. That’s a lot of TikTok traffic and that traffic is actually good —for your business, that is!

As the app diversifies, it becomes more receptive to a whole gamut of products and services, customers and clients, TikTok influencers as well as companies that rely on digital marketing. So don’t shy away from TikTok next year. Embrace the unlimited possibilities that the app will continue to provide.

Shop More!

Did I mention Instagram’s copy-cat strategy? Well, it may only be an exploratory move for IG, but TikTok has been leading the market for live-stream shopping with Douyin, the Chinese app version of TikTok. This will certainly have a huge influence on users, particularly those in the Asian region. Douyin is also popular for in-stream shops. TikTok is bound to follow this road in 2023.

TikTok’s strategy for optimal revenue both for the app and its content creators and TikTok influencers definitely has the entire region in mind with this innovation in e-commerce.

One challenge for the app is advertising space. Unlike platforms such as YouTube, TikTok does not have space for rolling ads midway through their short-form videos. This is a downside for content creators who cannot capitalize on advertisements. Experimentation and exploration is well underway to solve this.  Once that happens, your company can maximize your social media campaign through this unstoppable app.

Final PopStar Tip

As the year 2022 draws to a close, we can confidently say that social media marketing will increase along with the number and frequency of social media app users and of highly-engaging influencers. Any company that knows its cookies ought to know that it would be well worth the investments in the coming year especially for optimum experiences, in particular through TikTok and Instagram.

Social media app innovations for these two giants are highly anticipated and any smart company should be ready to welcome these and incorporate new offerings for content creation into their brand strategy.

You can certainly look forward to more Reels and AI, to live-stream shopping, to state-of-the-art NFT and interactive ads on Instagram. Having gained and grown its following beginning with its simple photo format, it continues to be an ideal app for creative users and artists. There’s a lot that could still be gained from reels as well.  Your company’s brand strategy team has that much to expect as it partners with Instagram influencers in the coming year. With TikTok, there’s a rise in interest for storytelling which, even though you are not in the business of best-selling novels, can show you another way to tell your company’s story because everybody loves a good story. Who doesn’t? And just as in its counterpart, Douyin, live-stream and in-stream commerce are soon to be a thing, not only in China but in the rest of Asia, and hopefully a good influx to the west as well. You can be assured of a consistent TikTok up-trend with exciting ways to share creative content that your brand can maximize together with your circle of TikTok influencers. The Year 2023 will most positively be the Year of Micro Influencers. And in so being, 2023 could also be the year of your brand!

Go ahead, grab another fortune cookie or two! And while you’re at it, why not also read a couple more of our blogs to learn more about social media and influencer marketing campaigns

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