Small but Mighty: Why Nano Influencers Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

March 10, 2023

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10 March 2023 — Merr Fe Painagan

You may have seen a large number of new influencers applying to and attempting to enter the digital marketing profession. Customers are more skeptical of traditional marketing methods than ever before, as they seek authenticity and transparency more than ever. These emerging influencers might be the next greatest thing for your future promotions.

First, let us clarify what nano influencers are. Nano influencers have a “guy/girl next door” aura to them. Consider them to be ordinary folks with a tiny but devoted following. These are typically social media users who can better engage their network.

Nano influencers have a following of 1,000 to 10,000 people. They are not necessarily striving for fame, as some micro-influencers are, but rather are brand superfans. They share real experiences and build a community around a brand when they are passionate about it.

But why should you collaborate with them?

You may be asking why a company would engage someone with a tiny following to sell their products. Marketers, on the other hand, realize that interactions with them may lead to trust and connections. These influencers are only getting started with content production. They will have a few brand collaborations, and their fans will not grow bored of seeing their advertisements. Several businesses have collaborated with macro and micro influencers, and it is difficult to rely on their endorsement. A nano influencer provides trust and authenticity. They will aid your influencer marketing to the relevant target demographics. Because they have fewer followers, they may achieve higher engagement rates. Their fans are more devoted and regard their connections as genuine.

What else?

And their commitment and enthusiasm motivate them to campaign for causes they believe in. They evolve alongside your business and may assist you in increasing conversions through influencer marketing. These aspiring “professional influencers” continue to upload largely organic content, such as images of family and friends, cat videos, and memes, in addition to the usual sponsored content and partnerships. They have a natural capacity to influence since they have grown up with social media and technology.

Surprisingly, marketers recognize the crucial link nano influencers have with their audience. Nano influencers, as opposed to those with big followings, have an intimate and personal relationship with their followers. The meaningful involvement, along with a reputation for being real and sincere, is driving the unexpected rise in the popularity of nano influencers. So, in order to optimize their efficacy, how should these brilliant individuals be used? Let’s look at the advantages and downsides to find out.


They excel because of their high engagement rate.

Their natural average engagement rate of 1.87% is slightly greater than the 0.67% average for the broader public. Their appeal is in “getting normal, everyday people” to talk about and suggest your products and services to their friends and relatives. Their distinctive voice, expressed through high-quality content, stands out among the platform’s oversaturated and overly-curated offers.

They’re excellent for specialized marketing.

They can quickly connect to a specific audience with specific interests thanks to their highly focused audience. Their opinions matter to that specific group because of their skill, knowledge, and influence in their field, bridging the gap between you and your target audience.

Working with them is inexpensive.

Dealing with nano influencers is typically less expensive than working with influencers from higher levels. This also implies that they are more willing to collaborate with small enterprises. Because they are still in the early stages of developing their brand, they are more open to negotiating and exploring incentives and pricing to compensate for future collaborations with you.

They are easy to deal with.

Because they have no hurdles to participating in sponsored articles and brand agreements, most micro influencers are easy to deal with. Because most of these micro influencers are relatively new to the profession, they are willing to bend to campaign briefs. This can also help you get to know these people better because you’ll be working with them.


They have a more limited reach.

The biggest disadvantage of hiring nano influencers is that they have a lower reach than other influencer-tier rankings. If you want to run a large and ambitious campaign, you may use nano influencers but combine them with additional influencers from higher tiers to compensate for their limited reach.

They are considered newcomers to the sector.

Most nano influencers on the market are new to the sector, so dealing with them may be difficult. Spending a bit extra time monitoring how they behave and act online may be beneficial. Handling more individuals and influencers may involve more labor if you have a large campaign. This is why businesses use firms like PopStar to work with influencers from all backgrounds.

What are the risks of working with nano influencers?

Nano influencers can be beneficial, but working with them might be difficult. They lack experience, which may result in unnecessary errors.

They may not grasp your content requirements or may be hesitant to sign a contract. They can have a challenge getting compensated to sell things to their friends and relatives.

You might also need to educate them on your brand and messaging. If their content deviates from your primary message, it may cause issues.

Best Practices for Influencer Marketing

Use the following best practices when planning, managing and implementing a nano influencer campaign:

Recognize the influencer’s tone of speech. Don’t be too rigid with their standards or how they connect with their audience. They are more familiar with their target audience and understand what messaging will resonate with them. Their fans will notice if their postings appear forced or unnatural.

Create a message in collaboration with the influencer. Let them choose the greatest creative route for them. Engagement will be reduced if the content feels rehearsed.

Assist them in understanding your company. To assist the influencer to understand you better, provide your company goals, campaign goals, company mission, and brand style.

Provide them with adequate resources to help them through the process. Nano influencers require your guidance, particularly in messages. Inform them of the needs and your expectations.

Monitor the impact of the nano influencer on your marketing activities. Keep an eye on your KPIs (key performance indicators) based on your product and calls to action. The number of purchases, sign-ups, traffic, or downloads are examples of metrics.

Final PopStar Tip

In conclusion, working with nano influencers can be a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a highly targeted audience and boost engagement rates. While there are potential risks, following best practices and choosing the right influencers can lead to successful campaigns. As digital marketing continues to evolve in the Philippines, incorporating nano influencers into your influencer marketing strategy can help your brand stand out and build authentic connections with your target audience. Remember to prioritize transparency and authenticity in your partnerships, and always monitor and adjust your approach for optimal results.

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