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Pet Influencer Marketing in the Philippines

November 08, 2023

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Almost anyone active on social media has come across a video of a beloved pet—be it funny pet reels, memes, or everyday activities, the internet is full of these kinds of content that offer joyful entertainment for viewers. But, what if I told you that pets can also be effective influencers to promote brands?

You heard that right! Pet influencer marketing is an emerging trend in the world of digital marketing that’s gaining momentum in the Philippines. These charming and utterly adorable pet influencers have taken social media by storm. Brands of all types are eager to leverage their appeal to promote their products and services. In a country where pets hold a special place in the hearts of many, pet influencer marketing is a strategy worth exploring.

Why Pet Influencer Marketing in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a nation with a deep love for pets. Nearly every Filipino family has a pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, or even unique furry friends like squirrels. The COVID-19 pandemic has further fueled this pet adoption trend, with one in three people welcoming a new pet into their homes during this period. As a result, pet owners across the Philippines are turning to social media to share their beloved companions’ stories and adventures.

These pets, with their endearing antics and lovable personalities, have transformed into social media celebrities, amassing millions of devoted fans. This phenomenon has given rise to pet influencer marketing, where pet influencers have a significant presence on various social media platforms. For instance, there’s Nala Cat, one of the most followed pet influencers on Instagram.

Brands specializing in pet-related products such as pet food, pet personal care items, pet insurance, and accessories have naturally gravitated towards collaborating with pet influencers to promote their offerings. Bloggers who own celebrity pets create engaging content showcasing their pets while using these products, effectively endorsing them and enhancing brand credibility through social proof.

However, some marketers in the Philippines are thinking outside the box by partnering with pet influencers to promote products and services that are unrelated to pets, demonstrating the versatility of this marketing strategy.

Understanding Pet Influencer Marketing

If you’re new to the concept of pet influencer marketing, you may be wondering if it’s the right strategy for your brand in the Philippines. To help you make an informed decision, let’s delve deeper into this innovative marketing approach.

Pet influencers, like their human counterparts, have a dedicated following on social media. Their content often features them interacting with various brands and products, showcasing them in a relatable and authentic way. This content serves as a powerful tool to boost brand awareness and engagement.

Investing in Pet Influencer Marketing: The Right Move for Your Brand

Pet influencer marketing offers a range of benefits for brands looking to establish a strong online presence in the Philippines. Here are five compelling reasons why leading brands are investing in pet influencer marketing, and why you should consider it too:

  • Universal Love for Animals: Filipinos have a profound connection with animals, and images and videos of adorable pets evoke warm and happy emotions. Leveraging this connection through pet influencer marketing can help drive brand awareness and engagement.
  • High Engagement Rates: Pet influencers, whether micro, macro, or mega, boast substantial followings in the Philippines. In comparison to human influencers with the same number of followers, pet influencers often outperform in terms of engagement. This heightened engagement indicates a greater level of interest in your brand, opening the door for deeper interactions with your target audience.
  • Generating Better Leads: Pet influencers have the ability to make content go viral, sparking discussions and interest in promoted products. For instance, a collaboration between a pet influencer and a brand specializing in pet care products can lead to increased sales, as pet owners who follow these famous animals are genuinely interested in the showcased products.
  • Less Likely to Evoke Negative Emotions: Pet influencers are less likely to trigger negative emotions in their followers compared to human influencers. This positive association can enhance your brand’s image and reputation through pet influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Versatility for Unrelated Brands: While pet brands naturally partner with pet influencers, other brands can also collaborate with these furry social media stars. By thinking creatively and outside the box, brands unrelated to pets can leverage pet influencer marketing to reach their target audience. In the Philippines, this strategy can be particularly effective in tapping into the diverse and ever-expanding online community.

Now that you’re fully equipped with the benefits of influencer marketing to pet owners and enthusiasts and have gained a deeper understanding of its context in the Philippines, here are some final pointers for your Pet Influencer Marketing strategy:

How can my pet become a pet influencer in the Philippines?

  • Choose the social media platforms you want to use for your pet’s profile.
  • Create a unique and engaging content plan for your pet.
  • Regularly share images and videos of your pet’s endearing actions.
  • Interact with your pet’s fans and engage with them regularly.
  • Collaborate with the right brands to participate in pet influencer marketing campaigns.

How much can pet influencers earn in the Philippines?

Compensation for pet influencer marketing can vary widely. In the Philippines, pet influencers can earn from a few hundred pesos to tens of thousands for each sponsored post. The key factors influencing earnings are the number of followers and the level of engagement they generate.

Can animals really be influencers?

Absolutely! Pet influencers are a growing trend in the Philippines and worldwide. Pet owners create and manage social media profiles for their pets, sharing endearing and relatable content on their behalf. Pet influencer marketing works effectively on various social media platforms where animal lovers gather.

To give you an example, among the most famous pet influencers in the country include Chowder (chowderthebeardog). Chowder is a Chow Chow dog known for his fluffy appearance and bubbly personality. With over 354k followers on Instagram, the teddy bear-like dog has captured the hearts of many Filipinos. 

Another pet influencer to look out for on Instagram (IG) is Panther (panther.cat), a male blue Persian cat famous for his model-like poses and photo shoots posted on his IG account. As a pet influencer, Panther has already been featured in various publications in the Philippines and abroad; he’s made local TV appearances and took part in ambassadorships for different pet brands in the Philippines.

Final PopStar Tip

If you’re still having doubts on whether you should partner with pet influencers, keep in mind that pet influencer marketing is still highly relevant in the Philippines right now and the years to come. The increasing number of pet owners and their active presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook make this marketing strategy a valuable asset for brands seeking to engage their audience in a refreshing and entertaining manner.

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