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Instagram Scams Unmasked: Safeguarding Your Brand in the World of Influencer Marketing

May 12, 2023

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Influencer marketing has become a vital tool for businesses to connect with their target audience in the digital world. However, the rise of influencer scams and fake followers makes it crucial to thoroughly scout influencers to avoid potential pitfalls. This article emphasizes the importance of authenticity and trustworthiness in influencer marketing and provides actionable steps to analyze influencers effectively.

I. The Significance of Influencer Selection in the Philippines

Influencer marketing in the Philippines offers a cost-effective way to achieve a significant PR impact.

Choosing the right influencers is essential for achieving desired outcomes and maintaining brand reputation.

Two main purposes of influencer collaborations: increasing brand recognition and driving product purchases.

II. Key Criteria for Influencer Selection

A. Relevance and Compatibility:

  • Define the purpose of influencer collaboration and desired outcomes.
  • Collaborate with influencers who possess a broad reach for brand recognition or can effectively engage a specific audience segment for product purchases.
  • Choose influencers who are personable and can present material relevant to their audience.

B. Direct Outreach:

  • Directly contact influencers through social media DM functions for a more informal and common approach.
  • Explore alternative contact information if influencers are affiliated with production companies or management agencies.
  • Direct contact enables detailed communication, from selection to content approval, but requires substantial time and effort.
  • Consider in-house management versus outsourcing to an agency based on efficiency and available resources.

III. Influencer Marketing Criteria in the Philippines

Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in digital marketing strategies in the Philippines.

Careful selection of influencers is crucial for effective campaigns and maintaining a positive brand reputation.

Align influencer selection with the company’s purpose, brand image, and target audience.

IV. Essential Criteria for Influencer Selection

A. Relevance to the Objective:

  • Clearly define the purpose and expected outcomes of influencer collaboration.
  • Select influencers with a broad reach for brand recognition or those who can interact effectively with a specific audience segment for product purchases.

B. Alignment with the Target Audience:

  • Consider the diverse tastes, preferences, and age groups of users when selecting influencers.
  • Focus on influencers who have a strong connection with their audience, even with a modest following.

V. How to Scout Influencers in the Philippines

Section 1: Contact Influencers Directly

  • Utilize social media DM function to send personalized messages for effective scouting.
  • Avoid leaving messages in comment sections as they may go unnoticed or be perceived as scams.
  • Explore additional contact information listed on influencers’ profiles for direct communication.
  • Direct contact provides control over the entire collaboration process but requires significant time and effort.

Section 2: Utilize an Influencer Marketing Agency

  • Collaborate with advertising or influencer marketing agencies for specialized expertise and industry-specific strategies.
  • Agencies save time and effort by outsourcing the process, but it incurs additional costs.

Tips for Directly Contacting Influencers

In the world of influencer marketing, it is crucial to observe proper etiquette and avoid scams when directly contacting influencers. This article provides tips for businesses who wish to scout influencers without relying on an agency.

I. Observing Good Manners in Direct Communication

  • Influencers are cautious about interacting with others due to recent issues like fraud.
  • Treat influencers as equal business partners, maintaining a respectful and equal footing.
  • Avoid being overbearing or providing excessive instructions and specifications that hinder their personal style and expression.

II. Building Trust and Avoiding Misunderstandings

A. Identify Yourself:

  • Clearly communicate your identity and provide detailed company information, including the official website.
  • When reaching out through social media, ensure that the company name and business details are easily accessible.

B. Clarify Requests and Rewards:

  • Clearly present the content and remuneration you are offering, avoiding abstract invitations.
  • Communicate the specifics of the PR request, such as desired posting frequency and compensation details.

C. Beware of Improvised Accounts:

  • Companies without existing accounts should avoid creating improvised accounts to contact influencers.
  • Influencers rely on the performance and credibility of accounts to detect potential scams.
  • Focus on operating social media accounts consistently or explore alternative methods of approaching influencers.

Scams on Instagram: Types and How to Identify Them

With the rise of influencer marketing on Instagram, the occurrence of fraud has become a significant problem. Scams can happen from both the company side and the Instagrammer side, making it essential to be cautious and aware of the types of scams occurring. This article discusses common scams on Instagram and provides tips for identifying them.

I. Scams Targeting Influencers on Instagram

  • A. Pretending to be a Company:

Fraudulent PR Activities: Scammers pose as companies and deceive influencers by offering PR activities and demanding money as administrative fees or pressuring them to purchase high-priced items.

Misusing Products for PR: Scammers ask influencers to use their products for PR purposes but fail to compensate them as promised.

How to Identify:

  • Look for Certification Badges: Official accounts have a blue checkmark indicating Instagram authentication.
  • Check Follower Count: Official accounts should generally have a significant number of followers.
  • Verify Information on Official Websites: Authentic companies disclose information about fake sponsors on their official websites.

II. Scams Targeting Companies on Instagram

  • A. Fake Influencers:

Misrepresenting Influence: Scammers with no actual influencer status deceive companies into signing contracts with expectations of PR effects but fail to deliver the agreed-upon posts or generate user response.

How to Identify:

  • Assess Followers-to-Following Ratio: Genuine influencers typically have more followers than they follow. Suspicion arises if the account has a high follower count despite a low number of posts or a short posting history, indicating potential fake followers.
  • Examine Engagement Rate: Low engagement rates indicate potential fake influencers. Also, watch for automated “likes” or superficial comments lacking substance.

Final PopStar Tip:

When directly contacting influencers, observing good manners and building trust are essential. Treating influencers as equal business partners, clearly communicating identity and requests, and avoiding improvised accounts are crucial elements of maintaining professionalism and avoiding misunderstandings.

The article also addressed the prevalent issue of scams in influencer marketing, both targeting influencers and companies on Instagram. By understanding the types of scams and employing strategies to identify them, businesses can protect themselves and make informed decisions when engaging in influencer partnerships.

In conclusion, while influencer marketing offers significant benefits, businesses must exercise caution and diligence in selecting influencers and avoiding scams. By prioritizing authenticity, trustworthiness, and thorough scouting processes, brands can leverage influencer marketing successfully to achieve their marketing objectives and maintain a positive brand reputation in the digital landscape.

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