Influencer Marketing for Instagram: All You Need to Know

December 21, 2022

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Influencer marketing, which is now gaining attention, allows for even more effective marketing than TV commercials or street advertising by asking influencers to promote your product. Influencer marketing is often conducted on social media platforms. With its growing number of users, Instagram is often used for digital marketing. Given this, let’s get into detail on how Influencer Marketing on Instagram can benefit your brand by addressing some of the most asked questions:  

  • How can I utilize Instagram for my brand or business?
  • How effective is influencer marketing on Instagram?
  • What industries would benefit the most from Instagram influencer marketing?

And other discussions that companies and businesses consider before incorporating Instagram in their digital marketing strategies.

Benefits of using Instagram for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a PR method that outsources the promotion and endorsements of products or services to influencers (and to a certain extent, celebrities and other people with the power to reach a large audience). Influencer marketing can be done in various ways by utilizing YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and even Facebook.

Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for influencer marketing due to the fact that it requires the posting of photos and videos, compared to other social networking sites where text is often the main focus. This allows users to communicate at a glance what they are up to and what they have recently purchased.

So how can Instagram be used for influencer marketing, and what are its advantages?

Endorsements and promotions appropriate to the characteristics of the product are possible through Instagram because it has three types of content: Posts, Reels, and Stories, all of which can be promoted with videos, images, and text.

Instagram Posts

This is the first and main type of content that proliferates Instagram when you launch the app. Instagram Posts can contain up to 10 photos or videos and can be accompanied by text. Your brand can also use hashtags (#) with keywords that are relevant to your product or service. This way, you’ll make your posts easily accessible and found by your target audience, who are searching with a need, and it increases the chances of conversions.

Instagram Reels

Reels are 15-second multi-clip videos with addes effects, audio, and creative tools. It allows influencers to create fun videos to share with their friends or anyone on Instagram. Users can share reels with followers and, if they have a public account, they can make them available to the wider Instagram community through a new space in Explore, and this can be very effective for brands.

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Instagram Stories 

On top of your feed, there is a list of Stories from the people you follow, and they can be viewed by tapping on them. Instagram Stories are made private after 24 hours, and it’s used mostly to keep up to date with the latest information from the users you are following. However, advertising your product can be interspersed with these general-user posts, making it more visible to the less engaged.

However, these three types of content are only as effective as the influencer that you choose to endorse your brand. By choosing the right influencers, you will be able to effectively promote your brand to a wide range of communities and audiences based on your target market.

Target Audience

Instagram almost instantly became popular amongst our digitally connected culture in both the young and the old. Not only did it have a significant impact on our day to day lives, but it’s also changing the landscape of how companies do business, and how brands endorse their products and services. In fact, Instagram boasts that more than 25 million businesses use its platform to promote their products and services! However, the prominent users of Instagram are still consumers: men and women in their late teens to their early 30s. Therefore, brands can utilize Instagram to easily target this demographic and influence their purchasing behavior.

Instagram has a shopping feature that allows users to jump smoothly from an post to a purchase page. The brand and price of the product in the photo can be displayed, and “View on Website” can be used to jump to the product homepage or shopping site.

Using this function, for example, if you upload information along with a photo of an influencer’s daily clothes or makeup tools, your target audience can see this information at a glance and proceed to purchase the items the moment they want them.

Therefore, it’s possible to promote products and services in a natural way that is not easily recognizable as either a promotion or an endorsement, and this would lead to authentic posts convincing and influencing users to make purchases through from the main message that: “If that person uses this product, I can trust it and I want to use it too.”

The Intricacies of Influencer Marketing

There are also advantages in partaking influencer marketing with other social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Take Twitter for example, it has a retweet feature that will allow a post by even a non-celebrity to be seen by tens of thousands of people in certain cases. However, since Instagram posts, reels, and stories only cater to a limited audience, they are not expected to spread to users beyond the number of followers.

It is tough to select influencers who are trusted by users, so it is necessary to analyze the influencer’s usual activities and images, as well as the attributes of their followers (gender, age group, etc.) to determine whether they are compatible with the product, service, or company. And whether they are consistent with the product, service, or company.

Even if you find an influencer that perfectly matches the image of your product or service, the acceptance rate fluctuates, and the probability of hiring the desired person is low. Therefore, it is needed to remember that it takes time to select and contract an influencer and is not suitable for urgent advertisements.

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How Much Would an Influencer Marketing Campaign on Instagram Cost?

Influencer Marketing Campaign costs are a bit tricky as they are affected by a number of factors, namely. But to give you a general idea, the compensation for influencer is calculated based on 3 main factors: 

  • Number of Followers
  • Content Execution
  • Type of Deliverable 

The costs tend to be higher when requesting influencers with a strong following, such as celebrities, or influencers with more than several million followers. Furthermore, the price will fluctuate depending on the type of deliverable you request.

3 Main Ways to Reach Out to Influencers

When you want to start influencer marketing, there are three ways to use influencers:

  1. Contact the Influencers directly on your own
  2. Use an Influencer Marketing Platform
  3. Reach out to an Influencer Marketing Agency. 

It is essential for companies to carefully assess which of these options they will choose to pursue influencer marketing and consider the appropriate method.

Contacting the Influencers directly on your own

To contact the influencers directly, all you need to do is to send a DM to your preferred influencer, or reach out to them if they have their contact information available. However, as mentioned earlier, the acceptance rate fluctuates, so it may be complicated to proceed if the company needs a lot of influencers for the campaign.

Use an Influencer Marketing Platform

An influencer marketing platform is usually an application that connects influencers who are seeking out brand collaboration with brands who are also seeking out influencers.Since the interests of both parties are aligned, there are fewer problems. 

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Ask an agency

Not all companies have the time to spend on influencer selection, and only a few have the know-how to implement measures. For such companies, several agencies take on the responsibility of casting influencers and requesting the Influencer Marketing Agency to manage and facilitate the implementation of the campaign.

Final PopStar Tip:

For companies implementing influencer marketing for the first time or unsure which advertisements are best suited for their products, it is recommended that they contact an agency that can handle everything from consultation to implementation.

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