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Increase Engagement on Instagram with These Tips!

August 12, 2022

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The general rule of thumb when it comes to discoverability on Instagram is: if you have a higher engagement rate, the higher chance that the Instagram algorithm will boost your content to users who are more likely to interact with it. This goes along with what the Instagram algorithm’s goal is, and that is to present users with relevant and interesting stuff so they can stay on the app for longer. 

Let’s dive right into the tips to help you increase engagement on Instagram.

Utilize Instagram Features

There are different features that Instagram has released in the past few years that you should be using to increase your brand’s engagement rate. They released new ones that are intended to engage your audience more such as the different Instagram stickers. There are different stickers from ‘add yours’ that allow users to add their own photos to questions stickers that enabled your followers to send in their questions – all of which are exceptionally effective and interactive! Using this feature helps create a loyal following that feels connected to your brand. 

Another great feature you should utilize to increase your chances of the algorithm boosting your content is Instagram Reels. These types of short-form videos grab the users’ attention and are more likely to be seen than graphic posts. We have an extensive blog on this as well as reasons why you too should be creating Instagram Reels here

Connect With Your Audience

Along with the rise of influencer marketing, the general public developed a sense of disposition where knowing that there is a person behind the account and sensing humane energy from a brand makes them more trusting. In the same way, the current trend is that brands are becoming more human and more realistically inclined with the public. Aligning with this, connecting with your audience by simply interacting with them in the post comments section or answering their inquiries in the direct messages helps build trust and raises your engagement rate greatly. Another friendly tip is to pin comments that draw attention to commonly asked questions. This way, you can make your followers feel that you’re paying attention to them — as you should. 

Another great way of doing so is with the content you create. Incorporating relatable content like quotes or even memes is a solid way to keep your content current and relatable to your audience. Lastly, and this might surprise you, going live. Going live on Instagram hasn’t been done that much since the rise of short-form videos but this is also an effective way to connect with your audience directly. It presents a great opportunity for your followers to learn more about your brand, which you should maximize as it significantly increases brand discoverability.

Up Your Captions Game

Your Instagram captions should be more than random emojis or one-liners that have no relation to your visuals or in-art copies. Captions are a great opportunity to introduce and communicate your brand to your audience. While we say that captions shouldn’t be one-liners, they also shouldn’t be long letters. The sweet spot for captions word count is around 140-150. That number should be enough for you to deliver your message. 

At the end of your captions, simply adding a call-to-action does magic. It could be as simple as “comment down below your…” or “share this to your story and tag us @..” A simple CTA at the end of your captions insinuates and starts conversations between you and your audience, and at the same time, raises discoverability and engagement.

Base It On The Data!

Instagram insights are useful in learning more about the demographics of your followers, and the performance of your content so you can incorporate it to your strategy. Now, why is this important? You can use the data on your Instagram insight as a basis for your next social media strategy. For example, your content on ‘How To Use X Product’ got less engagement than your post on relatable content. Use your insights to analyze its performance, and come up with an action plan to improve its engagement, or create content where you incorporate both ideas for next month’s calendar.

Final Thoughts

Intentionally creating content for your brand’s Instagram account is something you should be investing your time in. The Instagram algorithm changes almost every year and it may be a bit hard to keep up with the changes if you’re just starting out, and the only solution to this is by having a loyal following. It is in your best interest to create a genuine connection between your brand and your audience; and in your brand’s best interest to increase engagement on Instagram to potentially increase your discoverability. 

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