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How You can Avoid Influencer Marketing Blunders

November 09, 2023

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You know it, they know it, everybody already knows it: influencer marketing has proven to be a major force in driving brand marketing campaigns to success. But, before you tap into this bustling industry, it’s crucial not to be swept away and fall into the pitfalls that could potentially harm your business. 

In today’s world of influencer marketing, success is within reach as long as you practice caution and employ the proper practices in the process. Here are some tips that we at PopStar prepared for you to ensure your influencer collaborations in the Philippines are not only smooth-sailing but also super successful.

Setting Clear Goals and KPIs

Before diving into the influencer ocean, know your whys! Partnering with an influencer is a big deal, so be crystal clear about the purpose and goals of your campaign. Setting goals in advance can help you in various ways:

  • Choose the Right Influencers: Define goals to identify the characteristics you need in an influencer. For instance, if you aim to boost brand awareness, find influencers with a strong presence in your niche.
  • Define Success: Is it impressions, post engagement, or website traffic? Establish KPIs to track how well your influencer campaign is performing.
  • Keep Everyone on Track: Clear goals ensure that both the brand and the influencer are on the same page, promoting effective communication and constructive feedback.
  • Hold Influencers Accountable: Establish expectations and performance benchmarks to make influencers feel responsible for delivering results.

Prioritizing Engagement Over Follower Count

When we talk about influencer marketing in the Philippines, the country stands out for its vibrant and engaged social media community. Here, it’s crucial to recognize that a large follower count doesn’t guarantee high engagement. In a market where authenticity is treasured, partnering with influencers who have a genuinely engaged and loyal audience becomes a strategic move.

While metrics like likes, comments, and shares are valuable indicators of engagement, understanding the depth of the connection between the influencer and their followers is equally important. Consider delving into the influencer’s community through interactions, discussions, and the overall sentiment surrounding their content.

Researching the Right Influencer

Choosing the wrong influencers can be a costly mistake as they can drive audiences away from your brand instead of gaining their attention and loyalty. Always remember to choose influencers whose content closely aligns with your brand’s vision and values. It also won’t hurt to choose an influencer who sincerely believes in your brand to ensure genuine engagement in return. So, what should you do? Do your homework before sealing the deal! Below are some key areas to explore before you make your decision:

  • Audience Demographics: Make sure that the influencer’s followers match your target audience.
  • Interactions and Content: Check engagement metrics, tone of voice, and content type to ensure a good fit with your brand.
  • Authenticity and Influence: Collaborate with influencers who genuinely love your brand. Authenticity is key!
  • Experience with Branded Content: Look into their past collaborations to gauge the value they can bring to your brand.

Writing Friendly and Clear Briefs

Starting an influencer marketing campaign may be seen as a two-way exchange—it doesn’t stop after you have already chosen the influencers you want to work with. Your influencer candidates also have to decide whether they want to work with you or not. This is where the importance of having clear, simple, and friendly briefs come into the picture. Maximize your influencer marketing campaigns with well-structured briefs that are clear and simple enough to understand; informative but exciting enough to make your influencers really want to work with your brand. These are some other factors to include in creating your campaign brief:

  • Campaign Goals: Clearly state what you aim to achieve.
  • Company Background: Introduce your brand and products.
  • Product Details: Highlight key benefits, features, and differentiators.
  • Target Audience: Define your audience, and provide a persona if available.

Giving Influencers Creative Freedom

While comprehensive briefs lay the foundation, it’s equally important to balance guidance with creative freedom. In the Philippines, where creativity is celebrated, stifling an influencer’s creative expression can hinder the authenticity of the content.

Balancing Guidance and Freedom

Avoid micromanaging every aspect of the content creation process. Provide guidelines that set the tone and align with your brand, but allow influencers the flexibility to infuse their unique creativity. Remember, influencers are experts in understanding their audience, and granting them creative freedom ensures that the content resonates authentically.

Trusting the Influencer’s Expertise

Recognize that influencers have honed their craft and built a loyal following based on their expertise. Trusting their creative instincts fosters a collaborative environment where the influencer feels valued, leading to content that not only meets your brand guidelines but also captures the essence of their unique style.

Authenticity Over Perfection

In the Philippines, where authenticity is highly valued, prioritize genuine connections over polished perfection. Embrace the authenticity that influencers bring to the table, even if it means a slightly imperfect presentation. Authenticity builds trust, and trust is a currency that holds significant value in the influencer landscape.

Setting Expectations Upfront

In the dynamic market of the Philippines, where clear communication is key, setting expectations upfront lays the groundwork for a successful collaboration. These are two of the things you should always have in mind before partnering with influencers:

  • Timeline and Deliverables: Outline the campaign timeline with start and end dates. Specify any deadlines for content submission and publication. Clarity on deliverables, such as the number of posts, stories, or videos, ensures that both parties are aligned on the scope of work.
  • Payment and Terms: Transparent discussions about payment structure are crucial. Whether it’s a one-time fee, an ongoing retainer, or performance-based compensation, ensuring clarity on payment terms fosters a professional and respectful collaboration. Discuss any additional terms, such as bonuses for exceptional performance or penalties for missed deadlines, to set expectations clearly.

Focusing on the Right Metrics

Finally, beyond the sales that you will ultimately make from your influencer marketing strategies, consider these other metrics to ensure a seamless and successful campaign:

  • Engagement Metrics: Evaluate likes, comments, and shares for audience interaction.
  • Brand Awareness Metrics: Measure views, clicks, and website traffic for campaign reach.
  • Follower Growth: Track new followers to gauge brand visibility and audience expansion.
  • Inbound Leads: Analyze the impact on inbound lead generation through inquiries and messages.

Final PopStar Tip

Influencer marketing in the Philippines presents a wealth of opportunities for brands willing to navigate the landscape with cultural sensitivity, strategic insights, and a genuine commitment to building authentic connections. By avoiding common pitfalls and embracing the unique dynamics of the market, your influencer marketing endeavors in the Philippines can flourish into impactful and enduring success.

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