How to Work with Micro Influencers to Drive Users to Your App

June 30, 2022

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According to Ian Blair, there are over 6.4 billion smartphone users across the world, of which are the 21% of millennials who open an app 50+ times a day and where 70% of all US digital media time comes from. In the Google Play Store, there are roughly 2.87 million apps available for download allowing the industry to have a projected $935 billion revenue by 2023. 

These numbers speak to the importance of businesses going mobile—but with that much competition, you will need to stand out to succeed. While that success cannot happen overnight, there are ways you can do this through the already proven to be cost-effective and high ROI strategy, influencer marketing. Hence, here are ways you can effectively use influencer marketing by building a partnership with micro-influencers to drive users to your app:

Let Them Play Their Field

Influencers know what their audiences would want to see. Letting them play their field would allow them to use their creative skills to produce content that remains authentic to their normal unbranded content in order to drive the best possible engagement rate; but also closely tying into the brand goals, that is to drive app installs. 

Letting them play their field does not necessarily mean that you will let them do whatever they please. Since you are working with professionals, it’s also a must to let them know what you want from them and send feedback as necessary. 

Some brands may opt to provide influencers with the option to use high-quality content that can be used on multiple platforms. This sacrifices, for the most part, the idea of letting them play their field but the concept could still be applied if executed correctly. Which brings me to my next point…

Optimize marketing strategy

Realistically speaking, there is no one way nor a blueprint in a successful marketing strategy. There will always be a series of AB testing to essentially optimize the marketing strategy fit for your brand. This is like choosing the right shoes for your outfit; while there are a million different choices, there can only be a couple you can settle and be content with—making the perfect outfit. 
Applying different strategies like offering a limited time promotion to help drive downloads or working on a full blown mobile marketing funnel can help you find the right fit. These strategies can be developed into potential campaign proposals you may have for your chosen influencers. From which you will record actionable and valuable metrics or insights essentially optimizing your marketing strategy into a foolproof one that works.

Value values and approach

Having different marketing strategies is best practice but in addition to this, in influencer marketing, it is also important to choose very carefully the influencers you want to be working with. The values and culture of your company should be able to lead you to effectively choosing the professionals you can partner with. 

Working with influencers that align with the company’s values should allow a smooth and successful relationship between the company and the influencer themselves. Through this, choosing wisely which people you want to be working with, enables you to trust them to execute the company’s vision without sacrificing their authenticity and creativity.


For brands and developers willing to invest time and money in partnering with influencers to drive users in their apps, influencer marketing can become a useful marketing strategy. There is no blueprint solution to being successful with influencers. However, there are multiple mobile apps that have had their unique success. With the aforementioned points, keeping them in mind while creating your foolproof strategy will allow you to be a step ahead from the competition. 

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