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How to Maximize Instagram For Your Brand Business

December 05, 2022

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Who would have thought that a simple photo and video-sharing platform can help you grow your business? Even though Instagram started simply as a way to send updates in visual form to loved ones and friends, being one of the largest social media platforms meant its reach can also be leveraged to convert audiences into customers. Thanks to the creative minds of influencers and content creators, brands can now promote their products and services on Instagram. 

This promotion through sharing photo and video content is not all there is! Instagram is constantly improving and adding new features. Read on to find out more Instagram tools that you can utilize and include in your brand strategy.

Instagram Shop and Product Tagging

As the name implies, Instagram shopping is buying and selling products directly through Instagram. It starts with an Instagram shop, a place to market your products and tell your brand’s story. Customers can browse your catalog and know the details about your product on their Instagram apps. This helps generate traffic and motivate people to visit and purchase products through your linked website.

Instagram’s product tagging feature allows your audience to learn more about your products by simply tapping or hovering through the products appearing on a post. For example, an influencer for your brand may be sharing content about their daily routine that features your product. Instead of visiting your profile or looking for your product list elsewhere, with the product tagging feature, your audience can directly see the product details from your post.

Instagram Stories

IG stories are a way to send small, bite-sized messages to your followers. You may reshare an influencer post, a customer review, and even an engagement prompt. For this, you may use Instagram stickers to post a poll, open a question or ask for feedback, and even use slider scales to know what your audience is feeling. IG stories are a fun way to interact with your community while also helping in increasing your brand engagement and visibility.

Instagram Live

Instagram live streams are a way to gather your community and interact with them in real time. To increase viewership, you may announce in advance when the live streams are going to happen, and host auctions or giveaways to motivate your customers to watch your IG live. Not only that, you may also generate profit from the Instagram Badge. Upon purchase, this feature incentivizes your most loyal customers by displaying a heart icon next to their comments during an Instagram live. 

Instagram Reels and IGTV

For longer forms of video content, Instagram Reels is there for you. This feature gives you more space to talk about your products or services in a more detailed manner. You may post an installment of a series or cross-post your TikTok content for your IG followers to see. 

Final PopStar Tip!

Instagram may look restrictive because it always needs visuals and aesthetics before you can share what you want to share, but with a little bit of creativity, it is a very flexible platform to tell your story, introduce your brand to a wider audience, and achieve your brand objectives. So, have fun and use the aforementioned features to boost your business! 

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