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How to Craft Engaging X Content for Your Business

November 14, 2023

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Establishing a vibrant X (Formerly known as Twitter) presence involves more than a sporadic sharing of thoughts. It’s about crafting a narrative that resonates, educates, and sparks conversations. In the Philippines, a country known for its social media-savvy population, the stakes are high, and the potential for meaningful interactions is immense. Here, the pace is quick, and the audience is discerning, making it crucial for businesses to curate content that not only reflects their expertise but also aligns with the unique interests of the Filipino audience.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to curate X content effectively, striking the right balance between originality and shared insights. From showcasing your industry expertise to understanding the nuances of your audience’s X habits, each step is tailored to help improve your social media marketing tactics, making your business thrive in the lively platform of X in the Philippines. 

But first, What is Curated Content All About?

Curated content isn’t just about sharing links or quotes; it’s a thoughtful selection process. Whether it’s a blog post, a roundup of expert advice, or a social media post, the goal is to curate content that adds value and resonates with your audience.

The Wonders of Curating

1. Save Time and Resources:

Imagine the efficiency of clicking “share” compared to crafting an entirely new social media post. Curated content saves time and resources, making your social media strategy more sustainable without the need for additional team members.

2. Build Genuine Relationships:

Networking gets a boost with content curation. When you share someone else’s content, let them know! But skip the generic requests for reciprocal links. Instead, drop a genuine comment or message expressing what you liked about their work. It’s a subtle way to start conversations and build authentic connections.

3. Diversify Your Content Calendar:

Break free from the echo chamber. While your voice is essential, curating diverse opinions and fresh ideas adds spice to your content calendar. Share respectfully differing viewpoints and industry insights to offer your audience a well-rounded experience.

4. Position Your Brand as a Thought Leader:

Beyond creating original content, content curation establishes your brand as a thought leader. By curating the best in your industry, you showcase your awareness of trends, saying, “We know our stuff, and we’re pretty smart,” without the need for boastful declarations.

In the lively digital landscape of the Philippines, where social media is a way of life, curated content becomes your friendly ally. It’s not just about sharing; it’s about creating connections, fostering conversations, and showcasing the brilliance of diverse perspectives. 

How to Curate Twitter Content in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1. Set Your Content Mix:

In the lively world of X where feeds move fast, finding the right balance between original and curated content is key. Aim to share a mix that captures attention amid the constant scroll. With over 500 million daily tweets, consider sharing more frequently on X compared to other platforms due to the platform’s rapid pace.

PopStar Tip: Embrace the quick half-life of posts (around 20 minutes) by maintaining an active presence to increase visibility in users’ timelines.

Step 2. Showcase Your Expertise:

Establish your company as a thought leader by maintaining a healthy ratio of original and curated posts. While the 25% rule is a common guideline, prioritize quality over quantity. Share content that genuinely adds value to your audience, even if it means exceeding the suggested ratio. Engage in industry conversations by replying to popular posts, contributing insights, and subtly linking to your relevant content.

PopStar Tip: Join trending conversations organically, ensuring your contributions align with your brand without feeling forced or overly promotional.

Step 3. Understand Your Audience:

Tailor your content to match your audience’s interests and X habits. Consider the platform’s role in their lives – is it for personal use or content discovery? Avoid jumping on trending topics unless they genuinely connect with your brand. Focus on addressing your audience’s challenges and needs, providing valuable solutions through curated content.

PopStar Tip: Leverage tools to analyze audience preferences, allowing you to fine-tune your content strategy for maximum impact.

Step 4. Compile a Content List:

Create a repository of curated content by scavenging industry websites, blogs, and newsletters. Organize your findings in a spreadsheet, categorizing them for easy reference. Plan themed series of tweets around relevant hashtags, and mark the dates of industry chats on your calendar for active participation.

PopStar Tip: For example, for a kitchenware company, curate articles on stainless-steel care, organizing them into a series with strategic hashtags such as #StainlessStealCareSeries.

Step 5. Make It Engaging and Share-Worthy:

Transform your curated content into engaging posts. Craft compelling messages that evoke emotions, create urgency, and resonate with your audience’s X experience. Customize your posts for X’s unique conversational nature, ensuring your content stands out across all your active social platforms.

PopStar Tip: Check hashtag popularity before use to avoid unintended associations. Craft posts that connect with your audience’s struggles, enticing them to explore the solutions you offer.

Step 6. Optimize for Visibility:

Before posting, ensure your posts are visually appealing and optimized for shareability. Use link shortening tools to save characters, allowing for concise yet impactful messages. Maintain a unique approach across platforms to give followers a reason to engage with you on multiple fronts.

PopStar Tip: Regularly evaluate and adapt your content strategy based on analytics and evolving trends to stay relevant and engaging.

Final PopStar Tip

As you embark on the journey of crafting a compelling X presence for your business in the Philippines, remember that the key lies in authenticity and relevance. Engage in conversations that matter, share content that resonates, and adapt your strategy to the ever-evolving digital landscape. By curating content that speaks directly to the needs and interests of your Filipino audience, you’re not just building a presence—you’re fostering a community.

In the vibrant tapestry of tweets that make up the Filipino X experience, let your business be a thread that weaves through seamlessly. Embrace the unique opportunities this platform offers, and watch as your curated content becomes a catalyst for meaningful connections, brand recognition, and sustained engagement. X, with its swift pace, is waiting to amplify your voice—make sure it resonates authentically with your Filipino audience.

By following these steps, you’ll not only curate compelling content for your X account but also build a vibrant and authentic online presence that resonates with your audience in the Philippines.

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