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How TikTok Ads Can Transform Your Business From Likes to Leads

August 09, 2023

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Lately, TikTok Ads have been the subject of conversation because many small, medium to large scale companies use them for marketing campaign purposes. This is certainly a strong indication that Tiktok is not only for entertainment, but also for business needs in the digital era as it is today. So for today’s PopStar blog article, we will give you reasons on why you should use Tiktok for your brand campaign!

What is TikTok?

TikTok stands out as a widely used social media application enabling individuals to craft, view, and distribute brief 15-second videos filmed using mobile devices or webcams. Its distinctive feature lies in custom-tailored streams of entertaining concise videos coupled with music and sound effects, contributing to its captivating nature and remarkable user involvement.

Both novice and expert content producers have the option to incorporate enhancements such as filters, background tunes, and stickers into their videos. Furthermore, they can engage in collaborative content creation and generate split-screen duet videos, even when located in separate places.

Why You Should Use TikTok for Your Next Marketing Strategy

Reason #1: It has a large number of users.

The growth of TikTok users has always increased sharply since its inception until now. In 2018, TikTok had 660 million downloads. Then, in 2019, TikTok was able to generate another 615 million downloads.

Even up to 2020, the number of downloads of this application continues to increase significantly to 80% from 2019. This certainly makes this social media suitable for business promotion. Based on information from Demand Sage, until 2022 TikTok has one billion active users spread across 154 countries around the world.

Reason #2: TikTok users like entertainment content.

Because most TikTok users like entertainment, content creators and advertisers automatically have to package promotional content to be more entertaining. There are many types of entertainment content that can be used, and two of them that are very popular today are social media challenges and dance.

Reason #3: TikTok users are always actively using the application.

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of scrolling through our FYPs (for you page) for hours!

From the research that has been done, the average TikTok user spends up to 95 minutes opening TikTok. This means that almost 100 videos are watched every day. It could be that one of these videos is promotional media made by advertisers or brands.

Reason #4: Easy to attract attention.

Teenagers have a higher level of consumption than adults. Automatically, marketing products through TikTok can be the best strategy to attract more buyers. Especially if the brand has a product or service that targets teenagers.

Get to Know What is TikTok Affiliate

After knowing why it has to be TikTok Ads, on this social media we will also explore further to recognize the term TikTok Affiliate. TikTok Affiliate is a concept of seeking additional income that many marketplace users apply in general.

TikTok Affiliate itself is a program that connects creators and sellers so that both parties are mutually beneficial. The affiliate system starts with the creator providing a link to the video content that has been prepared.

Then if an audience clicks on the link and a purchase transaction occurs, the creator will automatically receive a commission. Automatically, the more clicks on product links and buying products, the bigger the commission you get. This program is perfect for TikTok users who want to earn extra income from home—while producing entertaining content.

However, from the magnitude of this TikTok frenzy, there is one scourge that most advertisers on TikTok always ask:

Why are Ads rejected on TikTok?

When submitting TikTok Ads, usually many users often get rejected. There are several reasons why an ad can be rejected by TikTok. Here are some of them:

1. The landing page is not up to par.

First, the reason why it can be rejected by TikTok when it wants to advertise is because the landing page is not up to standard. What’s the standard like? Everything has been listed in detail in the Tiktok ads guide. So, read thoroughly before submitting an ad.

2. Inconsistent advertising material.

Many TikTok ad submissions are rejected because the advertising materials used are inconsistent. For example, the product being promoted in the video is product A, but on the landing page the product being redirected is B. So, when creating advertising material on Tiktok, make sure to keep it consistent.

3. The language used does not match the target.

TikTok has a special language adapted to the target country of the ad. For example, advertisers can only use Indonesian when they want to advertise in Indonesia. There is a possibility of an ad being rejected if the language used does not match the target country.

4. Problematic text, images, and videos.

Tiktok Ads submitted may be rejected due to problematic images, text and videos. Avoid typos when creating content. Likewise, the selected image must comply with the recommended resolution. Pay attention to the recommended video duration if you want to promote via video.

How Long Does it Take to Submit TikTok Ads?

To apply for TikTok Ads, usually you don’t have to wait long. Because usually TikTok directly contacts to complete the confirmation process.

If passed, advertisers can automatically market and advertise products and/or services on TikTok at any time. The waiting time for submitting ads on TikTok is 48 hours or approximately two days. Feels longer? Yes, but once the ad is approved, brands and businesses can start marketing a broadly targeted product.

Basically, creating direct ads on social media platforms will take quite a long time because advertisers must understand the basic guidelines for advertising, which may differ for each platform.

Final PopStar Tip

In today’s fast-paced digital world, TikTok Ads have become a game-changer for businesses everywhere. With over a whopping billion active users globally, TikTok isn’t just for fun anymore – it’s a goldmine for reaching potential customers. By jumping on the bandwagon of trending challenges and dances, you can sprinkle your brand’s magic into TikTok’s lively mix and connect with its super-engaged audience. And don’t forget the Affiliate program – it’s like a bonus round for creators and brands to team up and shine together. So, get ready to not just entertain but also conquer TikTok in your marketing toolkit!

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