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Hashtag Your Way to Instagram Fame: A Guide for Brands in the Philippines

August 01, 2023

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Hey there! Have you heard of hashtags? Yes! Hashtags! They’re like little magic words that can help your posts reach a wider audience. So, let’s talk about Instagram hashtags and how they can:

  • Boost your content.
  • Make your brand shine.
  • Increase Exposure.
  • Attract Audience.

No worries if you’re not that familiar with hashtags. With this PopStar Blog article, we got you covered. Hashtags are those nifty little things that come with the “#” symbol. When you use them in your Instagram captions, you’re basically putting your content into specific categories. It’s like giving your posts a passport to travel and mingle with other similar content in the vast world of social media.

An example is from our @popstar_ph Instagram account. (Pst! Follow us while you’re at it!)

This image shows an example of  how PopStar PH uses hashtags to boost their Instagram post.

Now, here’s the awesome part. Using the right hashtags can catapult your Instagram presence to new heights! Seriously, it’s like an elevator to popularity. When people search for a specific hashtag, your posts will be right there in the mix.

But wait, there’s more! Hashtags also play nice with Instagram’s algorithm. Like bestfriends, honestly. The algorithm takes note of the hashtags you use, and it might just give your posts a VIP ticket to show up in other users’ feeds. That means more eyes on your content, more followers, and more love for your brand!.

Advantages of using Hashtags on Instagram

#1: Exposure and Discovery

First up, increased exposure and discovery! Clicking on a hashtag takes you to a gallery of top and latest posts related to that hashtag. It’s like an adventure waiting to happen! And hey, if you use the right hashtags for your brand, people searching for those topics will stumble upon your fantastic posts. Plus, hashtags also let your audience become your brand advocates. They can use your branded hashtags to showcase their love for your products or services. It’s like having a fan club, but way cooler!

#2: Audience Interactions

You know what else hashtags can do? They encourage audience interactions. Yep, it’s like giving your followers a secret handshake. When you use branded hashtags and encourage your audience to do the same, it becomes an engagement fiesta! More tags, more love, more fun!

#3: Competitor Research

If you’re curious with things like—how you’re doing in comparison with your competitors, then hashtags can help with that too! By analyzing share of voice, sentiment, and engagement of posts using similar hashtags, you can see where you stand in the social media arena. It’s like getting a secret weapon to outshine your competition!

#4: Fresh Content Ideas

Oh, and let’s not forget about content research! Just like how you’d do keyword research for SEO, hashtags can help you find cool content ideas. Clicking into top posts for details can even reveal less crowded but equally relevant hashtags. It’s like discovering treasure in a hashtag cave!

Curious with finding more content ideas? Check out Finding Ideas: Your Guide to Engaging Social Media Content in the Philippines to know more about finding ideas on different platforms, not just Instagram!

#5: Digital vs Real-life Campaigns

But wait, there’s more! Hashtags can bridge the gap between digital and real-life campaigns. You know those hashtags you see in retail stores or marketing campaigns? They’re like magic portals that connect the digital and physical worlds. It’s like sprinkling fairy dust on your marketing efforts!

Best Practices with Instagram Hashtags

  • Less is more when it comes to hashtags in your captions. Stick to 3 to 6, just like Instagram recommends. If you want to use more, pop them into the first comment. It’s like keeping your captions neat and tidy!
  • Finding the perfect hashtags can be a bit tiresome. But no worries tho!. Check out influencers and accounts you follow to see what hashtags they use. And when brainstorming, type keywords into the search bar to find related hashtags. It’s like unearthing a goldmine of hashtags!
  • Do not ever forget to follow the ones that matter to your brand. They’ll appear in your feed along with other posts from accounts you follow. It’s like having a radar to keep tabs on your industry or community. But remember, don’t use following hashtags for branded ones—those deserve special attention!
  • And here’s a secret tip: create different hashtag lists for various types of content. Why copy-paste the same set of hashtags for every post when you can organize them into topical lists? It’s like having a smart filing system for your hashtags!
  • Don’t ignore Instagram Stories when it comes to hashtags either. They might disappear after 24 hours, but they’re still hashtag-friendly! And guess what? They show up in search results, too! Hide your hashtags behind a gif or sticker, and voila—it’s like a secret code to more followers!

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Final PopStar Tip:

Alright let’s wrap this up with a big, friendly hashtag hug! Hashtags are like the superheroes of Instagram—they can make your brand shine brighter than a shooting star! So, don’t hold back, sprinkle those magic symbols (#) in your captions, and watch your content reach new heights!

We’ve seen the incredible benefits of hashtags—more exposure, higher engagement, and a community that’s as tight-knit as a family gathering. They’re like the secret sauce to spice up your social media game and get your brand noticed by the right crowd.

Remember, it’s not just about stuffing your captions with hashtags like a Thanksgiving turkey (less is more, folks!). Instead, find those perfect matches, the hashtags that scream “This is us!” to your audience. Keep it real! Keep it relevant! To keep your Instagram marketing working for your brand.

Important PopStar Side Note: Hashtags aren’t the only ingredient! Combine them with heartfelt storytelling, jaw-dropping visuals, and meaningful connections, and you’ve got the recipe for Instagram success. Hashtags are like the sweet melody, but it’s the whole symphony that creates a harmonious brand experience for your followers.

Embrace hashtags as an integral part of your Instagram marketing strategy and explore the vast opportunities they offer. Whether it’s increasing visibility, encouraging audience interactions, or staying ahead of the competition, hashtags have got your back. So, dive into the exciting world of hashtag research, find your perfect match, and watch as your content gains momentum and resonates with followers all over the Philippines.

Happy hashtagging, and may your posts be ever-trending!

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