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Exploring Niche Influencers in the Philippines

November 06, 2023

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Seasoned marketers understand that when it comes to enlisting an influencer to champion your brand, it’s not just about the sheer size of their follower count. The spotlight should be on collaborating with content creators whose audience closely matches your target market. That’s where niche influencers come into play.

In contrast to more general categories like fashion, beauty, or food, niches represent specialized segments within the broader classification. Influencers in these highly focused areas typically boast smaller but highly devoted followers, often numbering in the thousands. What’s more, they often face less competition, irrespective of the platform they use.

The Perks of Partnering with Niche Influencers

Niche influencers tend to invest considerable effort in crafting top-notch content to maintain the authentic voice that helped them build their audience. Moreover, marketers might discover that niche influencers offer:

  • Enhanced Engagement in Campaigns
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • More Cost-Effective Collaboration

In the last PopStar blog article, Why Niche Influencers Should Be Your Next Marketing Move, you’ve gained a deeper understanding of the concept of niche influencers and a grasp of their significance. This time, get ready to be inspired by examples from real-life niche content influencers in the Philippines. Read on below to get started in your influencer marketing strategy!

Popular Niches Among Influencers

1. Beauty

The beauty realm encompasses everything from skincare and makeup to haircare and fragrances. However, even within these subcategories, you’ll find prominent and celebrity influencers, many of whom have their own makeup lines or signature scents.

Given the vastness of the beauty industry, numerous influencers have focused their content on specific aspects that genuinely intrigue them, building a community of like-minded consumers. Consider DIY acne remedies, affordable colognes for men, skincare tips for women over 60, or cruelty-free nail polish and nail art. Sushi Girl, Norika, and Chelsea Robato are among the leading beauty influencers in the Philippines, popular across TikTok and Instagram.

2. Decor

Interior design, DIY home projects, upcycling, budget finds, and holiday decorations fall within this overarching category. There’s no shortage of niche influencers who have carved out their niche within this industry. Elle Uy, for instance, is one of the most followed Pinoy home stylists on YouTube today. An interior designer and decorator based in Manila, Elle specializes in home furnishing, budget room makeovers, redecorating, and DIY projects, consistently delivering stunning results.

3. Health & Fitness

This niche spans workout routines, nutritious meal planning, fitness equipment, and sports training. The potential for sub-niches is virtually endless, with possibilities such as age-specific fitness tips or health guidance for individuals dealing with medical conditions like diabetes. Notable health and fitness influencers in the Philippines include Fitness Trainer Enjay and Dyl Dalas.

4. Parenting

If a product is used within families, there’s likely a niche among parenting influencers. Whether your brand focuses on snacks, children’s clothing, toys, technology, or cleaning supplies, the array of family-centered accounts on social media is virtually infinite.

However, for optimal targeting, consider niche parenting influencers, such as those who concentrate on single parenting, parenting children with food allergies, or parents of multiples. In the Philippines, Doug Kramer is widely recognized as a former basketball star turned family man and social media influencer. His social media posts prominently feature the Kramer family trips and their shared moments.

5. Pets

Most people adore their pets enough to consume content related to their grooming, nutrition, and health and wellness. This category boasts veterinary experts, ranchers, dog trainers, groomers, and even animal nutritionists and acupuncturists generating informative and engaging content on every platform.

For brands seeking to connect with niche Instagram influencers in the pet category, a simple hashtag search is an excellent starting point. Niche influencers may focus on more obscure pets or highlight “pet news,” such as the growing number of pet surrenders or overbreeding issues. For example, Instagram account therachelravana not only features pet canines but also content about their pet reptiles.

6. Travel

The concept of niche influencers is limited only by your imagination. Take the travel category, for instance. Beyond sharing travel photos or great airfare deals, niche travel influencers may have established a dedicated following by specializing in traveling with pets, living the van life, or discovering affordable vegan dining options while traveling abroad.

Filipino travel influencers and content creators often share content about popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, often through island-hopping or city sightseeing-themed content.

7. Fashion

It’s no secret that fashion ranks among the most expansive and promoted categories for influencers. Beyond clothing and accessories, including footwear, jewelry, handbags, and eyewear, there are subcategories like streetwear, vintage, formalwear, menswear, and baby clothing, to name just a few.

Content creators in the fashion realm, regardless of their niche, frequently employ similar strategies to showcase clothing and looks. You’ll often come across try-on hauls, reviews, styling tips, unboxing videos, outfit of the day (OOTD) posts, get-ready-with-me (GRWM) videos, and designer looks with budget-friendly alternatives, as well as giveaways.

Niche fashion influencers frequently employ specific trend-related hashtags, such as #SlowFashion, #UpcycledApparel, #CrochetedFashion, #VintageNikes, or other unique qualifiers.

Filipino influencers have something for everyone in the fashion department. For those seeking fashion inspiration with a touch of luxury, Liz Uy, the fashion stylist, entrepreneur, and Instagram influencer, has you covered. She regularly shares edgy concepts, celebrity styles, her own striking OOTDs, and her favorite luxury brands like Gucci, Versace, and Bvlgari.

On the other hand, if you’ve been following Ashley Garcia’s YouTube journey for some time, you’ll be familiar with her Y2K fashion sense. To achieve her early 2000s style, she frequently sources items from thrift stores around the metro and on Instagram.

8. Food

The food category encompasses a broad spectrum of content, from restaurant reviews and recipes to energy drinks and homegrown vegetable cultivation. With such a diverse range of food-related topics, it’s only natural that common techniques are employed to create and share brand-oriented content.

You might encounter various cooking tutorials centered around specific appliances, such as crockpots, pressure cookers, or dehydrators. Alternatively, you might find healthy alternative recipes for individuals with dietary restrictions, cocktail ideas using a specific brand of alcohol, or dining reviews of establishments at destination resorts or theme parks. Prominent Filipino food influencers include Angelo Comsti (fooddudeph), Jin Perez Go (jinlovestoeat), and Chichi Tullao-Garcia (happytummytravels).

By delving into niche influencer marketing and examining real-world examples across major categories, brands can gain valuable insights into how their products or services might be best represented by lesser-known yet trusted influencers.

Final PopStar Tip

In the realm of influencer marketing, niche influencers are the rising stars. Their authentic connections with highly targeted audiences make them invaluable for brands. Working with niche influencers brings benefits like increased campaign effectiveness, higher conversion rates, and cost-effective collaborations.

As we’ve explored examples of leading niche influencers in the Philippines, it’s clear that these content creators offer incredible potential. Brands can tap into these authentic voices to connect with engaged audiences. Niche influencer marketing is a pathway to success in the evolving world of digital marketing.

Embrace the authenticity of niche influencers and watch your brand thrive!

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