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Empowering Brands: The Influence of Filipino Creators in Marketing

August 02, 2023

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Hi. Nice to see you again! Are you prepared to dive into the wonderful world of marketing and advertising in the Philippines, where influencers have truly revolutionized the game? Over the past decade (such a long time, right?), these social media stars have skyrocketed in popularity and success. Can you believe that more than 46% of Filipino social media users follow influencers and experts online? That’s a massive number! These influencers have become real opinion leaders, and their opinions wield a significant impact on brand promotion and sales.

What’s even cooler is that these content creators are all over the internet, from YouTube and Facebook to Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. They cover a wide range of niches, whether it’s beauty and fashion, food and travel, or anything else that tickles their fancy. With such a diverse array of options, you’re bound to find a Filipino influencer who fits like a glove with your industry and brand values.

Brands absolutely adore working with influencers, and it’s not just because of their huge reach. It’s also because they come across as so authentic and relatable. Unlike distant celebrities, influencers have direct interactions with their followers, which helps them build strong and credible relationships. This authenticity makes them super trustworthy and reliable partners for brand promotion.

So, if you’re thinking about launching an influencer marketing campaign in the Philippines, there are a few essential tips that’ll give your campaign some serious oomph!

PopStar Tip 1: Find the right influencers

Choosing the perfect influencer isn’t just about the number of followers they have. Sure, a massive following is awesome, but there’s more to consider! Here are some questions you should ask yourself before jumping into influencer territory:

  • Does the influencer’s audience vibe with my target market?
  • Does the influencer’s style and content align with my brand’s values?
  • Will their creative content fit seamlessly with my campaign goals?

Finding the right influencer starts with knowing what to look for and where to find them. And as a brand owner, you gotta get real and answer those tough, yet impactful questions.

Don’t know how? Read this PopStar Guide to Finding the Right Influencers in the Philippines. Go and navigate the world of influencers. Easy and effective. 

PopStar Tip 2: Do background research

Not all influencers are in it for the right reasons, considering the diverse beliefs and opinions in the Philippines. So, before you hop on the influencer train, take a moment to do some background research on your potential partners. With social media moving at lightning speed, even a small issue can snowball into a heap of negative comments, which can spell trouble for your brand.

The Philippines isn’t immune to the whole “cancel culture” thing, so it’s best to take some pre-emptive measures. Choose influencers with a clean record, known for being drama-free and unproblematic.

Remember, an influencer’s image reflects on your brand, so dig deep and learn about their history and beliefs to avoid any awkward surprises down the road.

PopStar Tip 3: Allow creative freedom

Influencers have legions of devoted followers for a reason – their originality and creative flair! It’s what sets them apart and drives their popularity. So, when you’re out there scouting for influencers, pay close attention to their style and creative mojo. It’s a big part of their charm, you know?

Once you’ve found your perfect influencer match, let them spread their wings and fly creatively. Sure, you can set some reasonable limits, but don’t try to control every tiny detail of their content. Trust us, their followers can smell a scripted post from a mile away. Content creators thrive on honesty, authenticity, and that human touch. So, give them the freedom to shine!

PopStar Tip 4: Prioritize engagement

Sure, working with influencers boasting millions of followers might sound like a dream come true. But hold up! Don’t overlook the power of engagement. It’s not just about the number of followers; it’s about the quality of interactions!

Engagement is the key to unlocking a bunch of awesome benefits, like:

  • Ensuring your influencers have real, genuine followers (no fakes allowed!).
  • Watching your brand reach new heights as your influencer’s followers create user-generated content.
  • Seeing those conversions skyrocket as engaged followers become loyal customers.

So, remember to put engagement front and center in your influencer marketing strategy. Building strong, authentic relationships with your audience is where it’s at!

And since having millions of followers are not just the priority with influencer marketing, it’s good to learn more about Nano Influencers in this PopStar Blog article: Harnessing the Authentic Power of Nano Influencers for Your Brand.

PopStar Tip 5: Find a local partner

Launching an influencer marketing campaign in the Philippines might seem like a wild ride, especially if you’re a newcomer without local connections. But fear not! The solution is simple: find yourself a local influencer marketing agency—like us, PopStar!

These folks are like the experts of experts when it comes to navigating the Philippine social media scene. They’ve got the connections, the know-how, and the inside scoop that you won’t always find on the internet. By teaming up with a local agency, you can make your influencer campaign a breeze.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! Partnering up with locals will get you three steps closer to marketing success in the Philippines.

Final PopStar Tip

So, there you have it – influencer marketing in the Philippines, the easy way! The numbers don’t lie; it’s an effective strategy that Filipinos adore. They can’t get enough of those creative and original posts from their favorite influencers. And let’s face it, some followers have been sticking with certain influencers for years, making them die-hard fans who trust every word.

Influencers are like magical opinion leaders who wield their influence for brands all over the world. Just one post from a Filipino influencer can have a massive impact on audience perceptions and buying decisions.

We’ve shared some fantastic tips to help you create an influencer marketing campaign that’s spot on for the Philippines. So, let’s put those ideas into action and make your next project a smashing success!

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