Discovering the Different Types of Influencers and How to Find the Right One for Your Brand

March 01, 2023

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01 March 2023 — Merr Fe Painagan

Influencer marketing is one of the most visible trends in social media content marketing right now. It is not new and is popular among Business-to-consumers businesses. Nonetheless, Business-to-business firms are now seeing the exciting potential of engaging with social media influencers as part of their social media marketing plans.

Individuals who have created a social media fan following and are commonly recognized as iconic models and experts in their chosen sector by their followers are considered social media influencers. Collaboration with the right influencer is essential for maximizing the commercial advantages of various sorts of influencers.

However, because the number of influencers is always growing, marketers must choose from a lot of options. Below, we describe 5 major categories of influencers so that you may have a comprehensive understanding of the influencer industry and, perhaps, locate the most appropriate influencer types for your organization.

Nano Influencers

The first type of influencers are known as nano influencers, and they have the following characteristics:

1. The number of followers ranges from 1,000 to 10,000.

2. They are people from all walks of life

3. Nano influencers are lovers of a specific brand or product that post and promote it on their platforms.

4. Suitable for small businesses with limited resources, or companies under a tight budget

5. Has a close relationship with their followers and responds to practically every comment and question. It makes their followers more likely to see their advice as genuine rather than a marketing endorsement.

6. Partnerships with nano influencers may be the best option for a tiny firm with a modest marketing budget. They are inexpensive, and your company has access to a large number of prospective buyers who are admirers of the influencer.

After raising brand recognition among a bigger audience, you should concentrate your effort on generating leads. When you discover that targeting a certain audience group would result in a greater conversion rate, your business will expand.

Nano influencers are usually found on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, which is the major playground for the influencer marketing sector. You may readily discover them, for example, by tracking your brand mentions and tags.

Are you aware that your staff may also become nano influencers? You may be surprised by the outcomes if you encourage people to talk more about your business on their social media platforms, and your firm may earn a significant number of prospective clients in the end.

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are influencers who have the potential to grow, and these are their characteristics:

1. The number of followers ranges from 10,000 to 100,000

2. They specialize in a specific field, interest, or niche

3. When compared to macro and mega influencers, they have a higher engagement rate, but lower than nano influencers

4. Audiences that are highly segmented, making it simple for your company to adapt adverts to them.

5. Followers value relevance, dependability, and authenticity.

6. Typical price

7. Many of them are also receptive to other types of remuneration, such as freebies and shoutouts, which opens up more chances for businesses who cannot afford an influencer marketing campaign.

On a bigger scale, many micro influencers can assist you in delivering the correct messages to the right individuals. Start by scanning brand hashtags or browsing your followers’ list on social media networks for micro influencers who are already admirers of your business.

Micro influencers will inherit all of the benefits that nano-influencers may provide to your brand via a collaboration with a larger fan base and a greater engagement rate. As a result, in any scenario where nano-influencers are appropriate, micro-influencers may be enough if you have a larger wallet.

A micro influencer has more followers than a nano influencer since they are individuals who specialize in a certain subject. The expertise enables your brand to collaborate with them anytime it is vital to favor quality above quantity.

Macro Influencers

On the other hand, we have Macro influencers who have the following characteristics:

1. The number of followers ranges from 100K to 1M.

2. Audience segments that are easiest to reach and interact

3. There are few multi-brand collaborations

4. A reasonably large number of devoted followers on whom your campaign might have a significant influence

5. Pricing is rather expensive.

When you want to enhance engagement rates and the reach of your business, macro influencers and their potential are ideal. When it comes to getting your business known, acknowledged, and debated, macro influencers can assist. They are capable of disseminating your brand image in the minds of their fans, making them question why the influencers use this product, what this brand is, and sparking interest in the brand.

Podcasters, vloggers, bloggers, and content creators on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok are examples of macro influencers. Hashtag research and platform tools might be excellent approaches for you to identify the best influencer for your organization.

Nonetheless, since the risk of fake influencers grows on a daily basis through buying and selling channels and accounts, macro influencers stand an increasing chance of being a victim of the influencer scam. When researching influencers, you need to be extremely cautious in order to discover the most real and trustworthy ones to collaborate with your company.

Mega Influencers

Last, but not least, we have Mega influencers with the following characteristics:

1. The number of followers are upwards of 1M

2. Depending on their profiles, they have a high price tag.

3. They work with many brands at once.

4. They are very popular and generally well-liked

6. They can contribute to marketing campaign revenue growth

7. They allow a brand to instantly boost its presence among a large number of people.

8. When compared to other sorts of influencers, an audience may not be as specific or targeted

Mega influencers can help with brand awareness efforts that require a vast reach to get your products or services in front of as many people as possible, especially when paired with an infinite budget. If your company targets many client categories, engaging with million-follower mega influencers will allow you to reach all of them at once.

Mega influencers are nearly everywhere on every social media platform since they are typically popular with up to 2 million fans. Depending on their profile and fan base, you can discover which industries they are involved in and whether or not they are a good fit for your firm. Mega influencers are the most powerful influencers in terms of scale. You may use the procedure for both micro and all-star influencers to discover a suitable mega influencer.

Because cooperating with them may be viewed as a more cheap alternative than working with all-star influencers, you will have more options for finding a fantastic partner without having to worry too much about the expense.

Final PopStar Tip

Influencers frequently interact with one another. Interactions amongst influencers may indicate that they are genuine. On social media platforms, search for the blue verification emblem to identify genuine influencers. Each social channel has its own set of criteria and terms for verifying eligible accounts with a large following. Verification badges save you time when tracking other data for such influencers.

Because of the fast growth of social platforms and networks, the number of influencers is increasing every day. Companies have a plethora of influencers to select from, making it difficult to find the appropriate fit.

By understanding the various sorts of influencers, you can identify which content creator is the best fit for your brand, budget, and expectations when developing an efficient influencer marketing campaign for your company.

Last but not least, when selecting influencers, it is critical that the brand’s image and the influencers’ niche be in sync. Influencers of the proper kind will help your campaign reach more prospective consumers, promote brand awareness in communities, and achieve marketing goals faster.

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