Digital Marketing’s Best Weapon in the Philippines: Nano Influencers

February 28, 2023

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Nano influencers are the new buzz in the world of social media marketing. These everyday people may not have a massive following, but their hyper-loyal audience makes them an excellent choice for businesses looking to engage with a specific niche. 

In the Philippines, where social media is a significant part of people’s daily lives,  nano influencers have become a popular choice for marketers looking to connect with the Filipino market. In this article, we’ll explore why these smaller-scale influencers are gaining traction in the world of social media marketing, and how they offer cost-effective and highly engaged solutions for brands.

Who Exactly are Nano Influencers?

In the Philippines,  nano influencers are a popular choice for brands due to their small but highly-engaged social media followings. Typically, nano influencers have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, making them more cost-effective than micro-influencers (10,000 to 100,000 followers), macro-influencers (100,000 to one million followers), and mega-influencers or celebrities (more than one million followers). 

They are ordinary people, such as your friends, neighbors, or coworkers, who share their passions and interests on social media. Nano influencers can be anyone with a thousand followers and a unique point of view that resonates with their audience. 

Based on PopStar’s experience as the leading Influencer Marketing Platform and Agency in the Philippines, nano influencers are usually followed by their circle of influence, which includes friends from high school, college, and young professional communities. Brands in the Philippines can leverage the reach and engagement of nano influencers to drive better results and connect with highly-targeted audiences.

Why Brands SHOULD Work With Nano Influencers?

To generate cost-effective content with high engagement rates, brands are turning to  nano influencers who typically have authentic connections with their followers. This approach presents a promising opportunity for companies seeking to tap into these networks and reap the benefits of working with them. 

In the Philippines, the use of  nano influencers is an increasingly popular trend in digital marketing, as it can offer a more personal approach and better audience targeting.

Benefits of Working with Nano Influencers

Authenticity and Relatability of their Content

Nano influencer marketing is highly effective because of the focus and intimacy that come with a small following. Based on the success of PopStar’s previous Influencer Marketing Campaigns, people have always relied on the advice of their peers when making purchase decisions. A recommendation from someone you trust and who doesn’t give endorsements lightly, your perception of the brand being promoted is positively influenced, making you more likely to purchase.

Authenticity is the key, and that’s where nano influencers excel. They have more genuine connections with their followers, making their content more relatable and persuasive. This is unlike big celebrities whose endorsements may not have the same impact. Brands are tapping into this consumer psychology by launching nano influencer marketing campaigns, which offer promising opportunities to generate quality content that earns high engagement rates.

In our experience, if a brand had the choice of using a single big influencer or a thousand nano influencers with a similar reach, the latter would yield better customer value and more sales. This is because  nano influencers offer a more targeted approach and generate more authentic recommendations, leading to better results for brands.

Volume and Quality of Engagement 

Nano influencers are highly valued in the world of influencer marketing because they are perceived as more genuine and relatable than celebrities. This makes their social media posts more engaging, resulting in higher rates of comments, likes, and click-throughs compared to those made by individuals with larger followings.

Based on PopStar’s data from previous campaigns, engagement rates with influencers are typically linked to the size of their following. The smaller the following, the higher the engagement rate, and vice versa. On the PopStar Platform, the average nano influencer with 1,000 to 5,000 followers has an engagement rate of 5 to 10 percent, while those with 5,000 to 10,000 followers typically have a rate between 2 to 5 percent. 

Nano influencers generate not only higher engagement rates but also higher quality engagement. Comments made by individuals on nano-influencer posts tend to be more genuine and are driven by a true appreciation for the influencer’s personality and content.


Nano influencers are quickly becoming a go-to for brands that want to maximize their marketing dollars while targeting specific niches. Working with  nano influencers is an excellent way for new brands to create awareness and introduce new products because they can collaborate with a large volume of them at a fraction of the cost of a celebrity influencer.

Instead of paying a hefty fee to a celebrity influencer, brands in the Philippines can partner with nano influencers to reach highly specific demographics and gain the trust of their followers.  Nano influencers typically charge between PHP 1,000 to PHP 5,000 per post, depending on engagement metrics, brand category, and deliverables. Some  nano influencers are even willing to create sponsored posts in exchange for free products.

Using nano influencers is also a low-risk strategy for brands to experiment with new marketing approaches without breaking the bank. By dispatching nano influencers to different demographic subsets, brands can identify their core audience and allocate future investments to the most successful markets.

Nano influencers are also an excellent option for brands that need a high volume of content on a tight budget. Because of their lower price points, brands can create multiple campaigns with  nano influencers’ content at a low cost.

In summary,  nano influencers are a cost-effective option for brands in the Philippines looking to target specific niches and create awareness for their products. They are trusted by their followers and can generate high-quality engagement at a fraction of the cost of celebrity influencers.

Quality Content in a Timely Manner

To obtain high-quality creative assets quickly and affordably, brands are increasingly turning to  nano influencers to create user-generated content. Many brands are unable to pay for a full creative team or organize a full-scale production, so they enlist the help of Influencer Marketing Platforms and Agencies such as PopStar,  to find  nano influencers with exceptional photography on their social profiles. Nano influencers are ideal for brands looking to obtain assets quickly and affordably. They have high-quality content, as they are still building their followings and putting in a lot of effort. 

Final PopStar Tip:

When it comes to nano influencer marketing, some brands can be hesitant because of the risk that comes with partnering with someone who only has a thousand followers. However, nowadays, brands have come to trust that after giving the nano influencer an idea of what they want, high-quality and on-brand content will be delivered. Too much interference from the brand will only diminish the authenticity of the post. Authenticity is a crucial factor in enlisting the services of a nano influencer. Brands are cautious of working with those who are always hawking products on their social media accounts. The most sought-after nano influencers are those who sprinkle sponsored content into their mostly candid, personal, non-sponsored content.

But how do brands find the right nano influencers for them? While Influencer Marketing Agencies and Platforms are the best option, companies who want to save on expenses can tap into their network of current employees, customers, and online followers to find an influencer who understands their products. However, this approach would take more work and is more tedious. In addition, free influencer marketing tools make it easy to scan Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms for  nano influencers based on keyword search, number of followers, and other factors.

To ensure that a nano influencer embodies a brand, a business will often check how they engage with comments and what kind of values are reflected in their content. Only if a nano influencer produces high-quality engagements and thoughtful content should a brand consider partnering with them.

If your brand wants to obtain high-quality creative assets cheaply and quickly, tapping  nano influencers to create user-generated content is an increasingly popular option. Nano influencers have really high-quality content, and their price points allow brands to get a lot of content created. By giving an idea of what they want, a brand can obtain the content they need without breaking the bank.

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