Creating an Effective Content Plan for the Holiday Season

December 04, 2022

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Is your brand’s social media content plan ready for the most wonderful time of the year? It doesn’t need to be all merry and bright – as long as you get your objectives right! The holiday rush is also real for brands planning for the perfect holiday season content plan, but that does not mean you should cram for it. You want your audience to consume your content messaging for its intended purpose. With that in mind, let’s deep dive into ways you can set your holiday social media content plan for success!

  1. Set your holiday content goals 

Hundreds of branded content will be competing against yours during this holiday season. This is a fact, and facts are often data you can use to your advantage. Use this knowledge to be one step ahead of your competitors by specifically determining your intent and objectives for your content messaging, execution, and target results. You want your audience to easily and effectively engage with your content by curating it in a way that is most relevant to them. This means giving them content that helps inform, entertain, and recommend ideas on gifts (ideally your brand!) they can explore. This will keep them subscribing to your content and following your feed for more!

2. Be in touch with what’s relevant 

Although the recurring theme for the holiday season is gift and activity ideas for family and friends, keep your brand relevant and up-to-date by researching trends on important topics and relevant social media platforms. You want your brand to appear on your target audience’s news feed by feeding the algorithm the right content ingredients that would make it display your branded content to your intended market. 
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3. Create content for conversion 

As more people search for the perfect gift investment online, this is the perfect opportunity to create content that offers promos, discounts, or free shipping to your audience! You can level up your approach by partnering with social media influencers to help you promote these offers. Influencers are one of the most sought-after during the holidays as they proved to be effective in driving more sales to brands thanks to their community credibility and reach. 
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4. Maximize User Generated Content 

Combine your branded content with your consumer content to balance out your feed’s messaging. This is effective and highly engaging, especially for your followers. Not only will you save time and energy – you will also gain more authentic engagement from your community. This also makes them feel seen and acknowledged. If you want to produce more user-generated content, create content that encourages them to share their content through giveaways, contests, and/or your usual engagement post with a call to action to comment.

Final PopStar Tip! 

Spice up your holiday brand social media content plan with the right ingredients to attract more engagement and conversions from your audience by clearly setting an objective, offering what’s relevant and useful to your community, and acknowledging their brand loyalty by reposting their content to your feed. Happy holiday posting!

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