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Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Brand

May 23, 2023

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Brands and organizations have been collaborating with content creators for years on the impact of social medai. However, recently there has been a significant shift in the industry, with more and more brands recognizing the necessity of working with creators to achieve their marketing goals.

Influencer marketing, which was once a small, up-and-coming marketing tool, has now become an integral part of the marketing matrix and is the loudest strategy in the room. This is evident from the global influencer market.

The increasing proliferation of brands aligning with content creators is giving rise to the creator economy. Creators are now seeking help from agencies and talent managers who can assist them in managing the business side of their brand. Brands are even moving towards co-creation by collaborating with creators to launch new products, leveraging valuable audience insights and real-time reactions in the creator’s unfiltered comment sections.

When recognizing the power of digital platforms to bring personalization, relevant content, and authenticity to their brands, it is essential to find the right content creators that can help convey these stories. Working with content creators is no longer just an option but a necessity to stay ahead in the competitive world of marketing.

Content Creators vs. Influencers

Many people tend to interchange use of the “content creators” and “influencers”, however, people need to know that there is a difference between the two. Knowing the difference would help you find which of the two would work for your brand.

Content creators are individuals that create different types of content on social media platforms. The content that they create are usually original content that engages with their audience. Anyway, when a content creator works with a brand, they create content for the brand to increase engagement, but may not always be tied to generating sales. Anyway, content creators can also be known as brand ambassadors who can help brands advertise products or promote brands through their content.

Meanwhile, influencers are more focused on creating sponsored content for the brand rather than just creating content. Influencers help raise awareness and promote products like content creators but are more involved in the sales aspect of the brand. Both content creators and influencers are individuals that brands would love to partner with to make brands stand out on different platforms online.

When it comes to creating content, both influencers and content creators add in their personal experiences or different concepts to be relatable to their target audience. Keep in mind to find a a creator that will help you reach the same audience you want to. Before creating the content itself, you would want to align your principles and vision to make sure that everything goes smooth sailing.

A successful content strategy isn’t just about getting more followers. Anyway, for a brand, you would like to be able to create and engaging community who are brought by your brand to share the same values and beliefs. You would know you’re partnering with the right people if you’re building stronger relationships with your audience and getting a more loyal following.

Choosing Organic or Viral Influencers

The influencer marketing industry can be divided into two categories of content creators: organic and viral. Depending on your brand’s strategy, goals, budget, and target audience, it may make sense to work with one or both. Organic creators tend to have smaller communities and lower online views. They fall into the nano- or micro-influencer category, typically reaching 1,000 to 50,000 followers online.

Organic creators and micro-influencers often have a highly engaged audience that is emotionally invested in the creator’s content. This audience is more likely to act on the creator’s recommendations, making them an excellent choice for brands looking to reach a curious and motivated audience. When it comes to organic content, its very important to keep this up for growth.

Viral creators bigger influencers, and celebrities typically have over 1 million followers on a single platform and can charge millions in just a single post. These trendsetters have a massive reach and can generate a lot of buzz. When choosing between organic and viral creators, brands must consider cost, visibility, and connection. Anyway, working with organic creators is a more cost-effective way to connect with a smaller yet engaged audience. Meanwhile, when partnering with creators that have a higher following and lots of engagement, it might not be the best for your brand.

Audience Reach

When choosing your content creator you have to take a few factors into consideration. These include your target market and budget. Anyway, you would like to be able to choose creators that can best reflect the brand identity or your business.

Some other factors you need to take into consideration are relavent experiences, a strong portfolio, and creative ideas. It would also be great to take into consideration the work ethic of the the creator and how they communicate. Anyway, this is to make sure that people can be able to work effectively.

As discussed previously, adding personal experiences would help in attracting your audience. By combining this and a creator’s ability to tell a story for teh brand they would be able to do a lot more in attracting an audience. Finding the right fit for your brand and a content creator is very important towards being successful in your campaign.

Final Popstar Tip

In conclusion, influencer marketing has become an essential component of the marketing matrix, and brands must collaborate with content creators to stay ahead of the competition. Finding the right content creator who aligns with the brand’s identity, has relevant experience, and a strong work ethic can help build a loyal following and establish a powerful marketing strategy. By partnering with content creators, brands can tell their story effectively and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing.

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