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June 23, 2022

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It can be difficult to break into the business world. The competition is fiercer than ever before with more brands and creators filling in the digital space with their entrepreneurial initiatives, such that appears to be the ideal time to start your own business when you already have an engaged and loyal following. Many social media influencers find themselves in this position as a result of their massive global fan bases. Influencers are now using their increased online visibility to launch successful for-profit ventures rather than just spreading the word about their personal interests.

Social media influencers are now behind some of the most successful businesses in the beauty, fashion, and fitness industries. Many people aspire to run their own businesses, including your favorite influencers and content creators! Some have already taken the leap of faith and made their dream business a reality, and they’ve taken us along for the ride through their YouTube videos. 

These well-known social media figures are finding new ways to make a living from their online fame, whether it’s through collaboration with a well-known brand or launching their own empire. We have compiled a list of Five Pinay influencers who have also successfully launched their business: 

  1. Anne Clutz (@anneclutz

She has gone from being a local YouTube beauty content creator to becoming a  self-made entrepreneur and one of the industry’s most successful influencers and entrepreneurs. From creating reviews about affordable beauty and skincare products to launching her own makeup brush brand – she has done it all. She is now an endorser for Luxe Organix, and has recently collaborated with Vice Cosmetics on a campaign called ANNEGanda.

Image source: Instagram (@anneclutz) and her latest collaboration with Vice Cosmetics.
  1. Rei Germar (@reigermar

She runs two businesses in addition to being a full-time vlogger! As a Pinay digital content creator, Rei Germar has come a long way. She started on YouTube five years ago and has amassed a massive following since then. She often review makeup and skincare products suitable for Filipina skin. The Lula Club and By September, Rei is a busy woman. Jammy Cruz, Hazel Quing, and Ry Velasco are the other founding members of her vlogger collective The Lula Club. Disposable cameras and notebooks are currently available.

Image source: Google – Snail White Campaign for Rei Germar & her business shop on Instagram: (@thelulaclub)
  1. Mae Layug (@maealayug

Mae, a beauty vlogger and the founder of GRWM Cosmetics, has revealed that the company’s conception and planning began as early as 2019. There are currently tints that are both creamy and multipurpose, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Additionally, Mae has opened a “Muji-style” coffee shop called 2.15 Coffee where she serves aesthetically pleasing drinks and desserts!

Image source: Instagram (@maealayug) and her coffee shop (@2.15coffee)
  1. Chelsea Valencia (@chelsvalencia)

Chelsea Valencia, a lifestyle vlogger, is a breath of fresh air. Her channel currently has 75,000 loyal subscribers, and it’s easy to see why so many other girls can relate to her. In a nutshell, this 22-year-old is a young entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and comfort food enthusiast all rolled into one.Proof? Her first foray into the resale market began in 2013. @oakph has almost 50,000 Instagram followers who eagerly await her next ‘curated’ collection.

Image source: Instagram (@chelsvalencia) and her shop (@oakph)
  1. Angel Dei (@angeldei_) 

Blogger and Instagram sensation who focuses on travel, makeup, and lifestyle. On her blog, she stated that she enjoys both city and bikini life. Angel is known for her beachy bikini-clad outfits at every location she visits. If you’ve ever wondered what brand of swimwear she wears, it’s probably from her own line, @Savvy Swim!

Image source: Instagram (@angeldei_) and her swim wear shop (@savvyswim)

Having a consistent video posting schedule every week may help you grow your audience and find the right people to share your authentic self with. You won’t have to worry about posting whatever you want without being canceled because you’ve found the right audience who shares your interests. It’s a win-win situation for brands and influencers because they can promote each brand while also introducing their own businesses.


What started as a content platform has the potential to lead into an entrepreneurial venture. This puts influencers into advantage as they hone their creativity, time management, and business skills by engaging with brand partnerships. With massive followings, influencers are also able to understand their audience’s needs and fill in the gap with products that they can offer the market. On top of that, this makes influencers smarter in negotiating brand partnerships because they understand the value they can bring to the table. This is a win-win scenario for both brands and creators as they navigate through a healthy ecosystem of strengthening partnerships. 

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