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Brand Strategies with the Help of Technology in the Philippines

April 25, 2023

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As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, organizations must adapt to the changing demographics in the workforce to stay competitive. The term “digital natives” refers to the generation born around the turn of the century, who are well-versed in social media, virtual reality, and streaming services like YouTube and Netflix due to being raised with smartphones.

However, there can be a significant gap in technological skills and attitudes between digital natives and their Gen X and boomer bosses, which poses a challenge for HR leaders. To overcome this challenge, it’s crucial to recognize and incorporate these differences into employer brand strategies to attract and retain talented individuals from this generation.

Recognizing Changes

For digital natives, they are very interested in work that goes well with their values. They are also love to be involved in an environment that promotes growth. From this we can see that work is an essential part of their identity. Anyway, they value being able to work with a company that shares these as well. For digital natives, being part of a supportive community at work helps them be heard and have a work-life balance. If work places are able to intigrate this, they may notice that their organization is more inclusive and productive.

For digital natives, employee branding is very relevant. With branding, it helps bring a sense of belonging, identtiy, and culture is important for companies to keep and get people. With digital natives, employer brand strategies and artificial intelligence (AI) is used to boost talent recruitment and help make different strategies.

People are very in demand and AI can help you sort through different talents. With advantages, there are also disadvantages. AI can become biased when using it for hiring. Ways that you can avoid this is only using AI to help you in the hiring process and not using it to totally replace human effort.

Using Technology to Help Brand Ownership

Enhancing a sense of belonging, identity, and culture is crucial for companies when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. Anyway, this is why employer brand practices have grown exponentially, regardless of the size of the organization. This percentage has jumped 15 points higher between 2021 and 2022, indicating that this topic is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s tightening labor market.

The arrival of digital natives brought about changes in employer brand strategies, and now, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to boost talent recruitment and marketing strategies. With the use of AI, it can help you find new talent.

When using AI, despite it pros, it is also important to take note of the cons. When using AI for hiring processes, there may be some biases. AI can help you scan important keywords in a candidate’s resume and facial recognition in video interviews. AI should not be used to replace human effort in hiring and be used to enhance and gather better results.

Branding With AI Avatars

Recruiting top talent is a challenge, especially in today’s competitive job market. To attract the best candidates, consider using an innovative approach by transforming your current employees into brand ambassadors through technology.

One effective strategy is leveraging AI-powered tools to create custom avatars that accurately reflect your company’s values and personality. This can position your company as a forward-thinking and innovative employer, giving you a competitive edge.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using AI-generated avatars to attract and retain talent while strengthening brand ownership:

Emphasizing Human Touch

Choosing avatars instead of photographic portraits can provide a human touch to clients and reflect multiple aspects of an individual. This can help emphasize the belief that AI should not replace employees but instead allow us to be better at our jobs.

Highlighting Competitive Edge

By utilizing AI technologies, you can create personalized and engaging experiences for candidates, improving their perception of your employer brand and driving greater interest in working for your company. Employer branding campaigns that are enhanced AI can help give your company an edge and position in a highly competitive market.

Using AI Platforms

WIth the use of AI platforms and software packages, you can create an avatar image that showcases your talents’ concepts and description. Other ways that can aid you is by creating a criteria for your avatar to make sure it is in detail and can help people get to know your company more.

Showcasing Company Values

To create effective avatars, consider the values of the individual, the company’s values, and the look and feel of the talents. By integrating these variables, the avatars can showcase a comprehensive picture of your company and what you have to offer, demonstrating to potential candidates why they should choose to work with you.

Final Popstar Tip

In today’s recruitment landscape, characterized by rapid change and increasing diversity, it’s crucial to stand out in a highly competitive field across all industries. Anyway, to attract and retain top talent, new technologies such as AI-generated avatars can be a valuable tool. By selecting the appropriate tools that match your organizational needs, you can position your company as an innovative and forward-thinking employer.

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