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Beyond the Numbers: The Importance of Engagement Rate in Influencer Marketing

April 19, 2023

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Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives which makes it a potent tool for businesses to sell their products and services. Companies may leverage influencers’ social media followings to reach their target audience and build their brand reputation as influencer marketing evolves. Yet, not all influencers are created equal, and simply having a large following does not guarantee marketing success.

In the Philippines, it’s crucial to also consider the engagement rate, which measures the level of active interaction between followers and influencers on social media platforms. This post will go into further detail about what engagement rate is, how to measure it, and why it is important for companies wanting to utilize social media for advertising and marketing. Understanding the value of engagement rate may assist companies in identifying the right influencers and developing effective social media campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

What is engagement rate?

Engagement rate is a way of measuring how much interaction your social media posts get. This includes likes, clicks, and shares.

Regarding influencer marketing in the Philippines, the engagement rate is more essential than the number of followers. While increasing your following is vital, it does not ensure success.

To get the most out of your influencer marketing plan, you must first understand how your fans and followers react to what they are interested in. Remember that engagement rates can differ depending on the social media platform.

For example, posting on Twitter might generate more engagement than posting on Instagram. You should also consider which influencers and content are best suited for each platform.

To calculate the engagement rate, you must use a numerical value for the denominator and numerator. You can use the number of followers’ reactions like “likes” for the numerator. But for the denominator, you need to be careful which metric you choose to use, whether it’s followers, post reach, or impressions.

It’s best to use just one of these metrics consistently, but if you choose to use followers, remember that inactive followers will also be included in the denominator. To succeed in influencer marketing in the Philippines, developing a solid marketing strategy that takes engagement rate into account is crucial.

What is the average influencer engagement rate?

It’s typically around 5%, but that number can vary depending on the social media platform and the influencer’s genre.

The average engagement rate for specialized influencers might be as high as 10%. This is because they have a loyal fan base that is more inclined to interact with their material.

Let’s look at Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see how interaction rates differ between platforms.


The average engagement rate on Instagram is 1.22%, whereas influencers have a rate of 1.67%. However, depending on the genre, the rate can exceed 3%. To calculate the engagement rate, you need to choose one of three denominators: followers, reach, or impressions. Engagement on Instagram can be measured by likes, comments, saves, and shares.


The engagement rate for all users on Twitter is about 5%, which is similar to the rate for influencers. Engagement includes reactions such as likes, replies, retweets, clicks, and views. A common practice is to divide these by the number of impressions.


The engagement rate on Facebook ranges from 0.5% to 2%. This is lower than other social media platforms. Engagement on Facebook can be measured by likes, comments, shares, and clicks. Facebook business pages have an analysis function called “Insights” that displays engagement for each post.

Remember that engagement rates can vary depending on the influencer’s genre and the type of content being posted. For influencer marketing in the Philippines, an engagement rate of 1% or more is considered effective. By understanding the nuances of each platform, you can develop a marketing strategy that maximizes your engagement rates.

Calculating Engagement Rates on Social Media Platforms

To measure the effectiveness of social media marketing, it’s important to calculate engagement rates. However, different social networks use varying formulas for this calculation. Let’s take a look at the common formulas used on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook:

  • Instagram: (Likes + Comments + Shares/Saves) ÷ Number of Posts Reach x 100
  • Twitter: (Total number of Tweet clicks + Retweets + Replies + Follows + Likes) ÷ Impressions x 100
  • Facebook: (Likes + Comments + Shares/Post Clicks) ÷ Number of Posts Reach x 100

It’s important to know the difference between “reach” and “impressions.” 

  • Reach: the number of people that saw your post (even if one follower has seen your post 10 times, the reach is still 1)
  • Impressions: The number of times a person views a post (if one follower saw your post 10 times, you would get 10 impressions)

Importance of Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is crucial in social media marketing as it indicates how well a post connects with the audience. A high engagement rate indicates that the material is engaging with the target audience, whereas a low engagement rate denotes a lack of interest or relevancy. Influencers must examine engagement rates to identify if their influencer is a good fit or if content accuracy is an issue.

Marketing campaigns aim to increase the post’s exposure, and a higher engagement rate is desirable. However, a high number does not necessarily guarantee success. Negative reactions from the audience can inflate engagement rates, so it is vital to examine how users express their interest. To summarize, tracking engagement rates is critical in assessing the effectiveness of a social media campaign and determining how well the audience connects with the content.

How to increase your engagement rate

  1. Define your intended audience.

It is critical to identify and target a certain set of individuals who will be interested in your product or service to enhance engagement rates. By imagining a persona, you may design content that connects with a specific audience, improving the probability of interaction.

2. Develop material that is specific to your target demographic.

Consider your target audience’s preferences, interests, and behavior patterns after you’ve identified them. Utilize this data to personalize your content and deliver value to your audience. Doing surveys and interviews with people who fit your profile can help you generate content that speaks to your target audience.

3. Foster two-way communication

Social media is unique in that it enables businesses and their consumers to communicate easily and directly. Take advantage of this by responding to comments and engaging with your audience. This promotes a feeling of community and motivates people to interact with your material further. Ultimately, this can lead to increased engagement rates and improved brand loyalty.

Final PopStar Tip:

In conclusion, social media has become an essential part of daily life, making it a powerful tool for businesses to sell products and services. However, not all influencers are created equal, and engagement rates are more critical than the number of followers, particularly in the Philippines. Understanding how to measure and increase engagement rates on different social media platforms is crucial for companies looking to utilize social media for advertising and marketing.

Calculating engagement rates using the correct formula is necessary to determine how well a post connects with the target audience. Companies can increase their engagement rates by identifying their target audience, creating valuable content, using multimedia, engaging with followers, and being consistent. By considering these factors, businesses can develop effective social media campaigns that resonate with their target audience and maximize their engagement rates.

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