Best Platform for Influencer Marketing based on Brand Objective

December 02, 2022

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If you’ve already heard of or read up about influencer marketing before, you would know that this is primarily done through social media platforms. And this makes sense because we live in the digital age, where communication is primarily done through online spaces. However, there are many social media platforms out there, each with different features to offer so one thing you might wonder is, how will my brand choose which platform to use for my influencer marketing campaign? Don’t worry, we got you! Based on what your goal for your campaign is, we rounded up the platforms that would best benefit your brand. 

  1. Introduce your brand to new people

Whether you are a new brand that wants to find potential customers or an already existing brand that wants to launch new products or services, the best platform for you is the one where you or your influencers can post content that can quickly capture the attention of your target audience. And what better way to get the attention of your audience than through visuals, right? One would look at the graphics before they digest what your caption says. Also, you would want a platform that people go to during their free time, where they do not have an expectation of the content they want to encounter while leisurely scrolling.

Visuals during a leisurely scroll? You might want to consider Instagram! It is really designed to be an image-sharing platform, hence your influencer marketing goal to bring brand awareness through visibility will really be achieved using this app. Making your brand seen is so easy using Instagram as it not only lets you post on your main page, but it also allows you to reinforce your message through IG stories and highlights. Other platforms you might want to consider as well are Tiktok for short video formats about beauty and fitness, and Youtube for posting longer videos that target beauty, sports, and technology audiences.

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2. Reach out to your audience

Building and maintaining a relationship with your community is an important part of influencer marketing. Since your brand interacts with your audience through influencers, you want a platform where you can bring your audience together and interact with them on a personal level. This is best done using Facebook groups, where you can start discussion prompts to get your audience talking to one another. Questions and polls are some features that can help you engage with your community. You may also do this on Instagram, by liking and replying to the comments about your influencer marketing posts. This takes time since you really have to grab every opportunity to interact with your audience, but is definitely worth it and crucial to making them stay with your brand.

3. Attract more customers

Ultimately, the reason why your brand would even want to invest in influencer marketing is so you would be able to sell your products and provide services to those who need them. One of the best platforms in terms of getting your target market to buy your products is Facebook, as its live stream feature allows you to get more people to make real-time reservations or purchases, especially when you give them simple incentives for simply sharing your live stream. Sharing is a strong feature since the friends and relatives of your existing customers are also most likely to be using the same platform.

Final PopStar Tip!

Going where the people are would be a good thing to keep in mind when planning out which platform you will take your influencer marketing campaign to, but first, you must know who these people are. Taking time to get to know your audience, their needs, and their social media routines will help you build a strategy to get and hold their attention. Your influencer marketing campaign would be a success once you get these people to be on your side.

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