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6 Popstar-Certified Advantages of Influencer Marketing

August 09, 2023

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It’s no longer a secret, influencer marketing is now known as one of the most effective marketing strategies for companies, brands, and small businesses. It’s been popular these days in the Philippines this year.

Influencer marketing is now an industry and still growing today, and statistics show the industry has continued to grow since its inception, without ever slowing down.

Working with influencers can help small businesses overcome barriers in terms of promotion as big brands do in advertising in mainstream media. Ofcourse, that is if you find the right influencers to help you and your brand succeed in this field.

If you want to attract more audience to your business, want to increase sales, generate more revenue, and other advantages as a small business, make sure you read through this PopStar Blog article. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The 6 Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Advantage 1: Increase Business Awareness

The very first advantage you can get with influencer marketing is pushing your brand to be seen by more people out there. This will pave the way for your brand to find customers in new communities and make them curious about the brand, service or product that you offer. And, influencers can help you make that happen by increasing your small business brand awareness.

Why is it important for a business to invest some money to get the business seen by many people? Because, by making people aware of the existence of your brand or business through influencer recommendations, people will feel that your business is more credible and trusted.

If people already trust your business in the industry, then the potential for new and more people to come into your business will also be more wide open.

Advantage 2: Increase Sales

You can encourage more people to use your service or product by letting influencers promote it. This method is almost always effective because the influencer’s audience is mostly loyal people and more interested in the things the influencer recommends.

Therefore, their audience is more likely to make decisions and take action through recommendations from influencers than when brands reach out to them directly.

If you are able to find the right and relevant influencers to promote your business, in a short time you will be able to see a significant increase from many sides, one of which is sales and income.

Advantage 3: More Effective Advertising Alternatives

The third advantage of influencer marketing for small businesses is being able to convey messages to various communities in a more natural and friendly way.

Whether we realize it or not, we currently live in a world where we are surrounded by advertisements from various angles—wanting us to make quick decisions and actions. You can be sure, in a day you will see an ad at least once.

Unfortunately, most of the ads we see have the potential to be disruptive. That’s why you dare to pay more to avoid seeing ads, right?

Statista estimates that by 2021, among internet users of all age groups who use the internet, 27% of them use ad-blockers at least once a month.

This figure is an important reason why you are better off using influencers than advertising in blockable advertising media. On the other hand, influencers can promote your service or product in a more natural way without being pushy or deceptive—and without worrying about ad-blockers.

By using influencer marketing, you will be able to reach your customers in a more effective way. In addition, influencer marketing is able to produce organic results at a much lower cost.

Advantage 4: Shortcuts to Content Marketing

Another advantage if you use influencer marketing for your small business is that you don’t have to invest too deeply in content marketing.

Content marketing means you have to use different content formats to provide value to your audience. Content marketing is an important part of every business, especially small businesses, but it’s long term.

So, if you decide to work with influencers, you no longer need to pay extra to pay for content creation.

Influencers are responsible for creating content that best suits your business, as well as what their audience is most interested in—and promotes it through their social media profiles.

Advantage 5: Can Create an Affiliate Program

With influencer marketing, you can get the benefits of having your own affiliate program. Affiliate programs mean paying commissions or other affiliates to influencers based on purchases or other factors.

If you can work with several influencers, you can get the opportunity to set up an exclusive affiliate program. Affiliate programs can help your business have better authority.

Advantage 6: Increase Traffic to the Website

Finally, by working with influencers through influencer marketing, the traffic to your website will change significantly. In fact, it is very possible for your website visitors to explode if the strategies and influencers you use are right.

The more visitors that come to your website, the more prospects that will affect increased sales.

Influencer marketing not only allows you to achieve significant sales and traffic targets, but also allows you to achieve them at a lower cost compared to other marketing methods.

Final PopStar Tip

Increasing awareness or awareness, increasing sales, as an alternative to advertising, shortcuts to marketing content, affiliate programs, and increasing website traffic are some of the many benefits that you can achieve if you use influencer marketing properly.

One thing to note is, influencer marketing is not only effective for small businesses as you can read in the title of this article. Influencer marketing can also be successful and effective for medium-sized businesses, even large businesses with a global scale. All depend on relevant influencers with the right strategy.

Here’s more reasons why you should consider influencer marketing: The Influence Factor: Amplifying Your Brand’s Reach with Influencer Marketing.

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