4 Ways to Build A Community of Brand Ambassadors

December 01, 2022

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Influencer marketing, which utilizes an influencer’s platform, audience base, and creative direction to feature products or services, has been a rising tool for brands in recent years. There are multiple case studies that confirmed this to be helpful to businesses in achieving their goals. In the next years, it is expected that one of the trends in influencer marketing is that it would be focused on communities. This is a no-brainer since strength in numbers has always been proven effective in attracting the general public’s attention. Take the music scene for example – we root for our biases in bands or groups because we see ourselves in them which makes us feel connected to the other band members and to those who share the same interests. Groups function in this way – their diversity attracts a diverse set of people that would root for their entirety. The other side of the coin is how people love the feeling of belongingness, of being a part of something bigger than themselves. And this relates to influencer marketing, in the sense that it is essentially customer advocacy; talking about how much you love a brand is always easier when you also see other influencers sharing positive thoughts about the same brand. Anything done collectively is somehow more exciting and effective.

Now, you might be wondering… how can my brand move forward with this knowledge now? How do I encourage my influencers, as well as my audience, to be a part of my community of brand ambassadors? Fret not, in this article, we are going to share four ways you can get started in building your community.

  1. Identify a common cause or interest

There’s nothing like a common cause or interest that brings people together. Book clubs, school organizations, or even seatmates you bond with in a grueling university class are popular for this very reason – shared experience brings people together. A community of ambassadors for your brand is no different in that there’s something about your brand that draws them in and brings them together. But, how do we know what this common cause or interest is? The best way to come up with this: look inward. From the very beginning, I’m sure your brand has established the values you want to embody. This may be as simple as bringing hope and optimism, or a common hobby that’s enabled by the purchase of your products. For example, if you are a brand that sells athlete wear, you may find yourself in a community of athletes. Whatever this cause is, be sure to keep it authentic and do not just advocate for something because it’s trendy.

2. Post consistent and engaging content

Most of your audience will be in online spaces, thanks to the advancements that made it almost impossible to not engage in digital communication. You may leverage this fact by posting engaging content in your online spaces. By engaging, we mean something that sparks discussions among your community members – this may be a discussion prompt or question of the day, a poll, or a survey. Consistency is also important in keeping the hype up. When the discussions within your community are always ongoing, this will make your community members feel that advocating for your brand is something that is worthwhile. Besides, your community is the best people you can learn from in terms of improving your products, and this information is something you can pick up from the ongoing conversations. Here are more ideas on how to post engaging content.

3. Let the people tell their stories

No one tells their own stories better than the people themselves. Their unique voice and personality would always bring something new to the table. Hence, experiences about your brand are better told by the ones who have used your product or availed of your service themselves. Encourage people to speak about your brand. When other people see people like them talking about your products, they might also be motivated to do the same.

4. Bring your community together

Assuming you already have some groups of people who are willing to be brand ambassadors, the next thing you want to do is to gather them into one place. A way to do this is to create group chats, Facebook groups, Discord community, and the like, in the social media platform that most of your community members use. Also, since the pandemic restrictions are lifted to some degree already, you may even try to organize in-person events with your community. Surely, conversations and interactions that will happen at your events do not stay there – your community will continue to engage more in online spaces after they have seen that the people they interact with are actually real human beings.

Final PopStar Tip!

Building a community is done by letting people know that they can be themselves around people that enable and embrace them for who they really are. So, find what speaks to your people, and let them tell the world about it. Your brand will shine when there’s a whole community to back it up.

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