4 Reasons Why TikTok Marketing Sells

May 20, 2022

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Whether you’re a brand or a social media influencer, you would want to get into TikTok marketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has led millions of people to download the app and create hundreds and thousands of content. From dance challenges to short daily vlogs, you’d find 500 million active users to cater to. As Tiktok’s growth in users and content creators, increased; the space and area for advertisements increased with it. Social media provided great value in the past few years and had long-ago proven its resiliency what with the constant paradigm shift; and creating a marketing strategy that revolves around what is in is a top priority for good marketers. 

Why You Should Be On TikTok

The hesitation when it comes to diving into TikTok marketing, assuming that there’s no place for your business in TikTok and it is just another social media platform, is understandable. These are common misconceptions when it comes to something relatively new. But let’s not disregard the fact that big social media platforms right now like Facebook and Instagram were once this dark-unexplored space for marketing and yet here we are now where the aforementioned are highly utilized and considered in the creation of marketing strategies.  If you haven’t considered it still, here are 4 reasons why you and your company should invest in TikTok Marketing:

Diverse Audience

Globally, TikTok has around 500 million active users. It is also available in 155 countries, supporting 75 different languages. It doesn’t take much to prove how diverse 500 million people can be. According to Wall Room Media in this article, in the United States alone, statistics show that 60% are female, 40% are male; 60% of which are 16-24 years old while around 26% are between the ages of 25-44. 

In this sense, we can see that regardless of how overwhelming 500 million users could be, in consideration of your target demographics and psychographics, there is a place for your business in TikTok. As long as you make the right strategy, you’ll be able to connect with the right audience.

Build genuine engagement and community

I remember reading something along the lines of “1M fake followers is nothing compared to 1,000 genuine supporters.”  People who are willing to support you and engage with you are better than the vanity metrics of a million followers. Investing in TikTok marketing would allow you to have space to build these connections in the process of growing your reach. Influencers like Mika Reyes and Jill Raine all started somewhere and were able to grow their community, allowing brands to discover them and build a partnership —which brings me to my next point.

Great for influencer marketing and user-generated content

There was a time when brands would use stock videos and compiled images to use for content and I remember thinking to myself and questioning how credible the brand actually is. Using these obviously fake and reused stock videos put your credibility in line. With TikTok’s over 3 million influencers all around the world, you’ll be able to find a content creator for your brand who can connect you to your target audience  PopStar’s case, we connect brands to our TikTok influencers so they can create user-generated content to boost their brand awareness and engagement

Marketing that doesn’t look like marketing

As someone who is often shown and targeted with the same ads repeatedly, it can be annoying. That’s why half of Gen Zs use ad-blockers. Sales experts contended that hard selling is counterproductive and can backfire on your brand. Working smart and finding less invasive techniques that grab the attention of your target audience can be learned and mastered – starting with a more authentic, direct TikTok content that is actually fun to watch.


Growing your reach is made easier with the big creator community built around TikTok. It may seem like just another social media platform, but it is something that good marketers must put to use in its full potential. Collaborating with content creators to produce genuine content that will get your target audience’s interest, as a less invasive technique in selling your product and building community, is one of the few ways your brand can utilize TikTok. And while there is no blueprint on how exactly one should work its way on TikTok Marketing, the key is to just try and be as genuine as possible. 

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