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3 Winning Strategies Using Social Media Entertainment

August 04, 2023

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Hey there, fellow brands and social media enthusiasts! Can you believe how far social media has come in just over two decades? It started as a simple communication tool, but now it’s a powerhouse marketing platform! From Six Degrees to the fascinating world of TikTok and Threads, social media has been through quite the evolution. And guess what? The role of social media managers has transformed right alongside it.

Today, social media teams have a lot on their plates—content creation, community management, and more. But there’s one thing that has become crystal clear: if you want to rock it in the digital landscape, you’ve got to sprinkle some entertainment magic into your social media content strategy.

In this PopStar blog article, we’re going to dive into the captivating world of social media entertainment. We’ll show you how it blossomed and share some fantastic tips on how your brand can embrace this trend to win over hearts, boost your loyal customer base, and stay relevant.

The Rise of Social Media Entertainment: A Rollercoaster Ride

Remember when social media was just about connecting with your community and not worrying about those pesky algorithms? Ah, simpler times! Back then, if you followed a brand, you’d see all their posts without any fuss. But hold your horses because things have changed big time! Now, every post’s visibility is influenced by format, creativity, hashtags, engagement, and an ever-changing algorithm. Phew, that’s a lot to keep up with!

Here’s the thing—social media is more than just a brand awareness tool now. It’s a platform for community building and, you guessed it, entertainment! People are craving exciting content like never before.

1. Lo-Fi Content: The Hero of the Pandemic Era

2020 threw us all for a loop, right? With most of us stuck at home, our daily social media usage shot through the roof. We were scrolling, liking, and sharing like there was no tomorrow! This surge in online activity pushed brands to get creative and think outside the box.

Say hello to lo-fi (low fidelity) and personality-driven content! Yup, authenticity became the name of the game. Polished stuff just didn’t cut it anymore. People wanted real faces, real stories, and real connections—even from brands. Can you believe it? Suddenly, CEOs and employees were becoming social media stars, sharing behind-the-scenes moments and shooting Reels right from their phones. And audiences ate it up like hotcakes!

2. Storytelling: The Magic Spell for Captivated Audiences

Being cooped up at home meant people wanted more than just cat videos (although those are always a hit!). They craved captivating stories that would whisk them away from the daily grind. Enter the power of storytelling in social media marketing!

We all love a good story with compelling characters, juicy conflicts, and satisfying resolutions. And social media content is no different, my friends. It’s your chance to engage and hold your audience’s attention in the palm of your hand. Remember the rise of reality shows after the Hollywood writer’s strike? Yeah, that’s the kind of authenticity and relatability people are looking for in their content.

Oh, and one more thing—people are super savvy now. They can sense inauthenticity, for real! Even if they are from a mile away! So keep it real, keep it honest, and watch your audience fall head over heels for your content.

3. TikTok: The Game-Changer in Social Media Entertainment

Now, let’s talk about TikTok—the app that took social media entertainment by storm! It’s like the people’s champ, empowering regular individuals to create and share their own authentic short-form videos. TikTok’s ranking algorithms made it a fair playing field, where your content could go viral based purely on the engagement it got. No wonder those TikTok trends and challenges became an obsession!

With its snappy format and clever content, TikTok quickly climbed to the top, leaving YouTube in its dust in 2021. And guess what? It even snatched the crown from Netflix, becoming the most downloaded app in 2022. Wow, talk about a digital takeover!

But here’s the kicker—TikTok’s impact didn’t stop there. It influenced what audiences now prefer in social content. Less polished, more authentic, and all about showcasing brand personality. People want to connect with your brand like they would with a friend. So why not embrace the TikTok spirit and give your content that personal touch?

Three Entertaining Strategies to Wow Your Audience

Alright, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get into action. Here are three fantastic ways you can dive into the realm of social media entertainment and create content that your audience will love:

1. Lead with Personality

Your brand has a unique voice that sets it apart from the rest. Show off your strengths, be proud of your quirks, and carve out a niche that’s unmistakably yours. But hey, don’t stop there! Go the extra mile and put real faces behind your brand. Collaborate with influencers, creators, or even your own employees to give your content that human touch. Your audience will thank you for it!

2. Be Real, Be Authentic

We’re talking literally, not the application, okay? In a world filled with filters and facades, authenticity feels brand new. Feels genuine. Embrace the lo-fi approach and show your brand’s human side. Share those candid moments, BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) footage, and unpolished videos that make your audience feel like they’re part of your journey. Your honesty will win hearts, we promise!

3. Optimize for Shareability

So you want to reach new audiences and go viral? You got it! But how? By tapping into specific communities that resonate with your brand values. Create content that speaks directly to your audience’s heart and watch them share it with enthusiasm. Oh, and don’t forget those “universal truths.” People love content that’s relatable, so find those common threads that tie us all together!

Final PopStar Tip

There you have it, friends! Social media entertainment is the name of the game, and it’s here to stay. So why not jump on this thrilling ride and engage your audience like never before?

By leading with personality, being authentic, and creating shareable content, you’ll not only wow your audience but also build lasting connections. Embrace the power of storytelling and let your brand’s true colors shine through. And if you need inspiration, just take a page from TikTok’s book—it’s all about being real, relatable, and unapologetically you!

So go ahead, spread those entertaining vibes, and watch your loyal customer base soar. The era of social media entertainment awaits you, and we know you’re going to ace it!

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