3 Ways Nano Influencers Can Boost Your Brand Awareness

May 20, 2022

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In today’s Influencer Marketing Era, where brands are partnering with content creators to feature, promote, and create conversations about their products, Influencer Marketing has been a comprehensive part of their marketing strategy. Many marketers believe that working with influencers with a high following will gain them more success. However, working with Nano influencers gives your brand more opportunity to be seen by small, highly targeted niche audiences at a more efficient, and low-priced cost.

Nano influencers are those with a minimum of 500 to 10,000 followers on their social. They are emerging content creators with a close-knit community that is often niche or category-specific. And because of this, they are more likely to have stronger engagement and more potential to convert audiences to users or consumers. Nano influencers can help your brand reach a more targeted audience to deliver your message and push acquisition.

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They are on a variety of social media platforms, but most invest in establishing their brand and building communities on Instagram and TikTok. For our purpose, we’ll deep dive into how you can collaborate with them on these platforms in this article.

Why Work With Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers have highly-engaged and highly-targeted audiences and are the most low-priced among the influencer tiers. Whether you are jumpstarting or strengthening your influencer strategy, collaborating with nano influencers is a more affordable option. Some nano influencers will work with brands in exchange for products or services, in value of their rate. With this, you can partner with more than one nano influencer at a time – resulting to more cost-effective brand awareness.

Audiences who subscribe to nano influencers do so for specific reasons. Hence, there’s a higher level of trust and engagement between nano influencers and their audiences. Their audiences may consider them as a key opinion leader or a credible source on the those topics.

In addition to being cost-efficient, nano influencers can help your brand attract and build traction as you grow. Here are 3 ways they can help boost your brand awareness – and eventually, expand your audience.

Ways to Work With Nano Influencers

First, reach out and make a connection. Check their Instagram or TikTok profile on how to connect with them for collaborations. Most provide an email address in their bio, or a note to reach them via DMs. Start the conversation by introducing your brand, and finding out their terms for brand partnerships. Some will agree to a free product review in exchange of a post or stories, while others will charge a fee per post. Check out influencer.ph for Filipino Nano influencers.

Now, for the fun part – here are ways you can collaborate with them other than product reviews:

Sponsor a giveaway to their communities

This is a win-win scenario for both you and your nano influencers. For your brand, it is a great way to spread brand awareness and potential purchase from their audiences without breaking your marketing budget. For your nano influencers, this is a great way to engage their audience and keep them excited for more. You would want to maximize this for product or service launch, or special events.

Offer an affiliate link or code for special offers and discounts

Create an affiliate link or discount code for your Nano influencers so they can share it to their audiences. For every successful purchase using the affiliate link or code, they will get a certain percentage in commission – and merit you a conversion, of course. This will also drive traffic to your website or e-commerce site, as your Nano influencers direct their audiences to it.

Recruit Nano influencers as long-term brand ambassadors

If you have minimal budget but want to start establishing long-term brand ambassadors, a more cost-effective and efficient way to do it is to hire nano influencers. However, you must ensure that both you and your nano influencers get equal benefit on this partnership. Agreeing on the scope, compensation, and contract duration is crucial and important to avoid miscommunication. In the end, both parties should be growing as a business.

You can start with these steps first, and build your influencer marketing strategy along the way. Remember, as with any business strategy, it will be a combination of trial and error, and applying your learnings to create a better influencer strategy for your next campaign. The key is to keep trying and learning what works best for your brand.

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