3 Strategies To Gain High ROI with Minimal Budget Using Influencers

May 20, 2022

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Investing in Influencer Marketing can save you more in the long run. When marketers think of influencer collaboration, often times they associate it with content posted on the influencer platform for their audiences – and it is the main concept of it – however, there are multiple ways to gain ROI or return-of-investment for a brand when they engage content creator partnership, especially when operating with a limited budget.

Here are 3 influencer strategies to leverage your finances and achieve your business goals:

Start a brand ambassadorship program

As more brands participate in the influencer marketing industry, the value of influencers have also increased. Working with influencers – especially those with high-following – can be quite costly. The general trend in the industry is, as an influencer grows their audience, so does their rate.

Starting a brand ambassador program is a great way for you to invest in your relationship and get exclusive rate offers from an influencer in a long term basis. An ambassador program allows you to lock in rates with influencers early on for an agreed contract duration. It will save your brand from the increasing rates, and will establish affinity with the creators and their audiences throughout the year.

With a strong set of select well-aligned and high quality ambassador, your brand can run long-term campaigns with them cost effectively.

Maximize user-generated content from influencer posts

Hiring content creators to shoot and feature your products on their platforms is a great way to produce more affordable, high-quality content for your brand. Another good thing that could result from this are the community-generated content from when their audiences response to their post with their own photos, videos, and reviews of your products or services. It could potentially lead to an ecosystem of community stories amplified by your brand. Community-generated content includes – but is not limited to – social media posts, unboxing videos, customer reviews, and more.

By repurposing these content across all of your marketing channels, you save more, and gain more from the impact, reach, and engagement these content are making.

Gift influencers with your products

Sending products to influencers can go a long way. If they truly resonate with your brand, creators will incorporate your products into their daily routines, and share authentic reviews to their audiences which could potentially gain you conversions. These organic mentions from an influencer content can drive big results, as influencers have loyal audiences who turns to them as credible source for recommendations and reviews. You may also opt to create personalized codes for your influencers, so they can share it to their audiences for a discount.

Once you have the results of the engagement, with a bigger budget in the future, you can start shortlisting the influencers who have helped you gain the highest ROI for your brand.

With the right direction and the right influencer strategy, you can maximize your budget for a high return-of-investment. All it takes is exploring what works best for your brand at a given budget.

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