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3 Reasons Why Authenticity Wins Over Perfection

June 02, 2022

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In this digital age, people are entertained by content creators from different categories. These content creators have also motivated and inspired other people and aspiring content creators. However, sometimes they also run out of ideas to create, and they may be pressured into creating more content for brands or for their social media platforms. Once, a content creator was pressured, it could affect the quality and authenticity of their content.

This holds true for brands too. The balance of power has shifted in favor of the customer, who has as much influence as before. Brands are demanded. more accountability in delivering quality products and services. Hundreds of people will hear about your bad service on social media if you mistreat your customers or provide poor service. A mistake you make today will not be hidden from public view. Despite the fact that many brands still refuse to participate in the conversation, the conversation continues to take place. Today’s brands and creators must be more authentic than ever before because of this unprecedented level of interconnectedness.

3 Reasons Why Authenticity Wins Over Perfection:

You will learn that being authentic is the essence of who you are

As a modern influencer, what you say, do, act or post on social media will have positive and negative feedback. If you strive to be a perfect influencer that has more reach, engagements, sponsorships and flawless image, it’s impossible. What matters most is that your thoughts, words, and actions all reflect who you are as a person. We can easily fall into a “people pleasing” mode when we aren’t in touch with our true selves, and we end up doing and saying things because of what others expect us to do or because of social and peer pressure.

Every post you make will not guarantee your expected insights, reach, or feedback. People will always have something to say about you. However, people love seeing influencers being authentic and not giving a ‘showbiz act’ on screen. They want to know the hardships you went through in your journey before achieving what you have now, because it makes you more human. They will relate more to you, and appreciate how flaws can also be a pathway to success. They want to see people they think they can vibe with.

You will find your tribe.

As a content creator, being your authentic self would also mean that NOT all people will like you. People may not accept the real you, and they may judge you which might cause you pain and lose control. However, people who genuinely resonate to your content and support you 200% are the ones who will contribute more good to you and your community. Eventually, you will find your tribe – the like-minded ones, the ones who are also brave to be authentic.

You will stand up for yourself and influence courage in your community.

Sure, you welcome everyone in your community, but when your audience behavior is affecting your mental health, you may opt to ignore, block, or even file a case against those who went beyond your boundaries. Being an influencer does not equate to people-pleasing; you can represent a brand effectively while being in your most confident, authentic self. This will influence your audience to do the same, and before you know it – you will become a community of brave and strong-willed individuals who set healthy boundaries. This is why creators tend to be more productive when they choose their battles, especially when dealing with online trolls or haters.


There is a lot more to being a content creator than simply posting photos and videos on social media. A content creator has the ability to influence and inspire their followers to do whatever they set their minds to. Followers are those who love everything about you and everything you post, but you have a role and responsibility to them because they are following in your footsteps. Authentic content creators know that what they post on social media isn’t always what it appears to be. If you want to be successful as a content creator or a person of your own identity, don’t worry about being perfect. All they have to do is be true to who they are and do what they enjoy.

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